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Dateline 4/09/2021″Club Fund raising” We were at the Nambour Hamfest today selling our wares thanks to all that helped.

She had tomatoes for $3 p/Kg

Dateline 25/09/2021″1296cm Copy” Hi Guys (says VK4IAA). I had a short session with the 23 on 23 Group last Thursday night after 8pm. Good performance around Brisbane with Edens Landing, Mt Cotton, Albany Creek? And Bribie. The more northern stations I heard but could not decipher. The Group went onto higher things which I could not. The Club IC910(AMG certified) gear works well it seems.

Dateline 24/09/2021″New Contest Manager Ross Hull Marathon. see more here.

Dateline 15/09/2021 “23 on 23” September 23 on 23 will be held on the Sunday 19th September with liaison held here:

Dateline 5/09/2021″WIA DX Awards Program Exciting New Feature – Groups”See here:

Dateline 31/09/2021″Club Trailer @ the Beach” Our Club Trailer has taken up residence @ the beach for a while.

Dateline 28/08/2021″Reflector for Higher Bands” see more here:

Dateline 27/08/2021″ 9cm submission”ACMA have just asked for submissions. Read Here:

Dateline 20/08/2021″Contest 2×1 Callsign”Read Here:

Dateline 15/08/2021 “SPECIAL MEETING TIME” Due to a covert 19 lockout at the MtGravatt TAFE, we have rescheduled the meeting to 17th August 2021. SEE YOU THERE.

Dateline 7/08/2021 “1296MHz Going to waste” Most mornings in 2021 23cm and Q65 has been burning the northern skies with most activity between Brisbane and Emu Park Rockhampton Qld. VK4AFL with VK4FLR have been making contact on 2metres and 23cm Q65(with the SSB contact as conditions allow.) As the family is growing both ends, it maybe a worth while look. Nice screen shot of one contact.

See here for more information

Dateline 4/08/2021 “Sexist Language from WIA” We would like to bring you attention to the WIA who has published on their web sites, an apology to its valued readers of the latest AR Magazine. Read here:

Dateline 4/08/2021 “$50 VSWR” How things change some time back an antenna analyser would cost around $400-600. Well that was then, today we have a small but very powerful NanoVNA version 2 to do that job and much more This a Vector Network Analyser will coverage 50KHz- 3GHz also a nice touch screen.Try here for a look in price etc.

Dateline 3/08/2021″Lockdown Blu’s” Maybe its time for a new project or two. With Lockdown’s happening a bit more frequent maybe its time to start that must do one day project.

Heres a few hints to restart the grey matter, antenna repair or maybe a new band, look for that new Radio and buy it(theres a lot of learning too do.) To be sure there will be something in the wind, good luck.

Dateline 30/07/2021″Winter Field day” WIA has emailed the winter field day interim results, ill post on receipt of confirmation later.

Dateline 29/07/2021 “IC705 Review” Icom IC705 has been available for a good six months and a test report maybe of some interest.

As the IC705 has frequency coverage from 160MHz to 432 MHz many transmission modes, with the inclusion of some newer data modes, including DV(DStar). Being easier to interface with your PC. Most features were adopted from Icom’s first SDR, the IC9700 with the addition of HF added makes this radio a true winner for the purchaser.

As there is little out there to compete with its versatility and Architecture(IC9100 offering HF/ 1296cm maybe), the IC705 offers small but vital pluses. Being around the screen is quite amazing, with a large easy to read colourful touch screen and very few knobs, it just seems to operate with ease.

Low power on portable operation(5watts on board battery) or connect a 12volt supply giving(10) watts, also adjustable per band power (great for running transverters). It is believed the IC705 will replace the favoured FT817/818, for portable operation.

As a field day radio/SOTA the IC705 just seems to make most challengers a breeze. Transverter operation is made easy, its on board calling function, easy read touch screen and the list just goes on.

Some failing of many passed radios has been addressed, also in the new IC9700 was on drift on digital modes (such as whisper,JT65, FT8 etc.), this has been tested with great success with on board bands also as an IF radio on 1296cm and higher frequencies with great reports, and no reason to add further modification.

So with a price point being validated to much higher than other radio’s used in this category , they just don’t compare.

Dateline 23/07/2021 “CRO Goes Enviro” VK4CRO(Ron) has relocated his arrays in the woods close by his shack. Environmentlly freindly, Ron has been working on the system for months. Looks very stealthy.

Dateline 16/07/2021″M A D ” Brisbane VHF Group are having a test day Sunday 18th July @ 11:00 am start 1296cm and up. see you there.

Dateline 12/07/2021 “MJF goes mad on 23cm Array”. VK4MJF(John) has started to build a 23cm Yagis array(4), he was quick to say the current array was lacking in gain so as we were in lock down or something like that, a small job was required.

Dateline 12/05/2021″Many Thanks” Our Club thanks all the out going Club executive members for their service thought the year and we hope the new executive members for their bravery, for this years service.

Dateline 11/05/2021 ” Bandwidth Loss” ACMA has decided to reap more bandwidth from the amateur community again, in its latest bid to make more money from the commercial sector. Read Here:

Dateline 29/04/2021 “AGM” Our Club will hold its Annual general Meeting at the next scheduled Club meeting in May 2021. All postions will be vacated and if you are interested in nominating on any of the Club Executive postion please nominate to the Club secretary Ron (VK4CRO ).

Dateline 14/04/2021 “BVHF Beacons” Thanks to the Brisbane VHF Group have reported as of this date ALL there beacons 432MHz and up are all in good working order. 50-144 MHz are still on test and will be placed in their new permanent location later in the year.

Dateline 10/04/2021 “Red feast Club Table” We had booked a table at RedFeast this year. Braving the Covert 19 bug. It turned out to be a nice day weather wise and with masked people every where. Trying to identify the ham behind these masts was a tad difficult, although lots of fun was had, chats, no hand shakes and fried burgers on the menu.

See you next year or at Wombye later in the year.

Dateline 14/03/2021 “Zoom WIA” On Monday March 15th at 7.30pm Eastern Daylight time (0830z) the WIA will attempt something new in an effort to communicate with members the scope and challenges presented by the ACMA’s Consultation paper on Future Amateur Radio Service licensing.

Members of the board and the Spectrum Strategy committee will be appearing live on the HamRadioDX YouTube channel. 

See Here:

Dateline 20/02/2021″LOOK BACK” A look back at the Club Events in the past, MtWolvi (near GympieQld).

Dateline19/02/2021″2 Metre Repeater” Our 2 metre repeater is up and running hear you on it.

VK4HV tuning the Club repeater thanks Alister

Dateline 18/02/2009 “ACMA Rules Change” ACMA has a new read and have your say: Here After reading it you’ll find ACMA is trying to give us Licences with no fees and much more 50MHz looks in doubt.

Dateline 8/02/2021″Club Meeting” Tuesday 9th February, Mt Gravatt, see you there.

Dateline 25/01/2021 “CRO beats 1296cm”. VK4cro (Ron) has at last finished his 1296cm Transverter/Amplier, boasting a Kuhne 1296MHz transverter (which a few years back won the Brisbane VHF Groups test and tune day @ Redcliffe on 23cm) and his Club version 150 watt power Amplifier.

Ronnie post on Face Book, “my 1296 MHz amp upgrade by vk4amg with 10 meg reference to the Kuhne and K3 working spot on just to a 14 element Yagi arm, but will pick up my 22 element next week”.

Dateline 14/01/2021″. ” VK4cro (Ronnie) has been busy reconditioning his 15 year old, 6 element 50MHz beam. Seems like a good idea as 6 metres has been very active this summer.


Dateline 20/12/2020 “MJF Latest ” As the covid reaps havoc around the world some of us Hams have been busy building projects in the LOCK DOWN periods. Check here:

Dateline 20/12/2020 ” Xmas Message” Our Club would like to extend a Happy holidays and New Year, to all our Members and followers. Also to advise that our next Club Chat meeting on the Club 2 metre repeater will be 12 th January 2021.

Dateline 16/11/2020 “Under $400 1296MHz Transverter” VK4MJF has reported a nice project he has been building over the convert19 lock down. A Mini kits 13cm transverter kit with an 18 watt Mitsubishi amplifier. All is complete with a ADF 4351 PLL, knocked up by VK4AMG the second in a series of using this low priced signal generated as a with the components (VCXO, PLL, Arduino) the LO is built and tested.

All of the Transvter should be completed in the next few weeks and hoped to on air for the 23 on 23 Event.

Dateline 8/11/2020 “Oceania DX Results” Click here

Dateline 8/11/2020 “Club Field Day” 28/29th November 2020. We are entering the eight(8) hour section contest all bands 144 MHz to 10GHz. 7.00am(or near), start at the MtGravatt Look Out.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Resized_20200620_095844-1.jpeg

Dateline 5/11/2020 “Club Meeting ” 7.00pm Tuesday night, see u there.

Dateline 5/10/2020 “Covert Beaten ” Our first Field day event this year, as the last Field day event was cancelled by social distancing for Covert9. We had a great time with lots of laughs and fun, while also running the Oceanic DX contest bands operated 160m-10m all recording contacts.

Chook Shed workers no eggs here

Dateline 28/09/2020 “Low Priced 144/432 MHz” EBay has it advantages. After getting advise from VK4AMG for the purchase of a 432MHz boards, a dual band 144/432MHz transverters using a 28MHz IF (this one was complete plug and play.) As a the second item 432Mhz board and attenuation board were also purchase, complete just need to solder a few wires, add 12volts, HF(radio 28MHz) in and an antenna and your away. A few tests were done from Bribie Island on both with the beacons supplied by the (Brisbane VHF Group) with a fantastic result. Further details found here lots of other great gear, good luck.

Dateline 9/09/2020″IC705 Review’ Click Here.

Dateline 8/09/2020 Club Meeting Tonite.

Dateline 24/08/2020 “M A D Big Day” Sunday 23rd was a big day for our hobby. As the Brisbane VHF Group held one of their ( M A D Microwave Activity Days), being supported by well over a dozen budding amateurs around the Queensland area, a few portable stations on the North and South Coasts, Warwick and Kempsey NSW. See Here for more.

Dateline 9/08/2020″ SDR’s lose to old favourites” Sherwood Engineering has rated the IC9700 below some of the loved IC706/IC756 past radios(remembering these measurements are given on the Dynamic range, noise floor, with an analog to digital converter) . Interested see here:

Dateline 6/08/2020″ USA Ham Fest” Maybe of interest a virtual USA Ham Fest on line. Interested check here

Dateline 5/08/2020 “New Reviews” Check the Club New Gear reviews. Elecraft K4, and others. Pricing and honest reviews. Click here for more

Dateline 1/08/2020 “AMC Call Sign Issue” Seems the new body for the amateur regulation are a little slow to the new rules on Call signs. Read here

Dateline 30/07/2020 “New Call Signs” AMCA has announced a new Licences Indentifaction Rule.

Dateline 29/07/2020 “WIA AGM DeBriefing” With WIA having to concentrate only on their Clubs and stack holders with the change in their duties. A Debriefing paper has been published:

Dateline 29/07/2020 “Chat Show a GO” Tuesday nite Chat was a great nite. Topics were: how much we had won in the Club Lotto, the ins and outs of WSJTX and digital modes and trailer storage. Hope to see you next week for the next instalment.

Dateline 23/07/2020 “Nice Bloke” It is with regret that we have to pass on the sad News that, Quentin Forman ZL1QF VK4AQF silent key. Passed away last night from a heart attack. Reported by ZL1VH. For our Club Quentin was involved with many of our test and tune days, field days from some hill or another and as a guest at some of our past meetings. He was a very helpful, active and involved in our hobby, he will be missed and our condolences go to his family.

Dateline 17/07/2020″Looking for Young Operators ” Interesting read.

Dateline 28/06/2020″Sig Gen Low Cost” If you have an reason to get a signal generator and have a spare K or two, then you may wish to read the attached first.

Dateline 22/06/2020″23 ON 23″ 1296.100mhz near you, give it a go. Several stations have given their intentions as starters.

Dateline 22/06/2020″ Club 70CM a goer” VK4CRO has put the new Club 70cm Amplifer though its first test. 5 watts input for 150watts output.

Dateline 22/06/2020 “Who said,”Melbourne Weather !” We all arrived at MtGravatt around 7 shish ready for the winter field day. RAIN so we went for a coffee, at the hill coffee shop and made plans to erect the Club Station. FOOLs you say, we’re XXXXXXX was more like it

We started in the rain and finished in the rain. “Just give it an hour” said MJF, to JAK, HA! and it still came down.

Dateline 24/05/2020 “M A D EVENT” Hosted by Brisbane VHF Group microwave activity day took place on Sunday 24th May. All had a great day either at home or in the field. 1296MHz – 10GHz were heard, lots of gear failure and rare DX, great too see everyone out and about in these trying times. Our next Event will be the VHF/UHF Winter field day in June.

3.4GHz with the trusty FT817

Dateline 24/04/2020 “23 on 23” Covid 19 has had an affect on lots of things, but 23cm; has to be the oddest.

Approximately 12 Hams made it to the 8.00pm session, VK4CZ<AMG<AL<GU>LHD>NA>EA>DDG>MJF>ADM>MIL>KAY as too VK2MAX.

Not a bad role up for 23cm Event, most of the signals were extreme 59+ for most, maybe the meteorological event or just a nite for it, lots of fun was had by all.

Dateline 22/04/2019 “Club Net is ON”

We had a good get together this evening on the 2m Club Repeater VK4RBR with Ron VK4CRO,JohnVK4MJF, James VK4JAK and Ken VK4GC in attendance. 

There was a unanimous consensus amongst the five of us that we should hold a Net using the CBRS Repeater VK4RBR. That the Net be held weekly on Tuesday evening starting at 7.30pm. The Net is to be relatively informal.  Those who attend the Net may agree to try another Band and Mode eg 40m and 80m HF as we did this evening.

James offered to have Zoom running in parallel if anybody wanted some tuition on that.   

Dateline 9/04/2020 “Cheap Bench power” Whilst trolling the internet, this was found. An unused PC power supply and a $7.00 (F/Post) distribution board from Ebay, and you have 12.4v(14amps)5v(20 amps)3v(20 amps) also -12v, depending on your PC power supply. Some offer USB outlets as well, great for those projects requiring such voltages.

Dateline 8/04/2020 “Club Practice Hookup” Last nite we had a trail hookup on our 2 metres repeater with a Zoom contact trialed by all. Maybe its the first time but it was a lot of fun, James (VK4JAK) took control of the proceedings and we all agreed the up and coming meeting Tuesday next will be a goer. Thanks to all who’d a go.

Dateline 3/04/2020 “ICOM Rely on China” It seems one of the worlds leading technology drivers up until late 1970’s, Japan rely heavily on China’s low price components. Posted only a few days ago, and quoted here.

Delay in Delivery of ” Icom IC-705 “

Delay in Delivery of ” Icom IC-705 “

March 31, 2020No comments

Icom IC-705 Thank you for using ICOM products. Many customers have made reservations for the HF-430MHz all-mode 10W transceiver “IC-705”,… Read more 

Dateline 31/03/2020″ON AIR Meeting” April 2020 AGM and general Club Meetings will be held on air this coming sitting. Also found the next Club RV. Like the choice of HF beam and of coarse like the Club to assist in the training to run such a beast.

Dateline 23/03/2020 “CLUB MEETINGS- CANCELLED 2020 Corona virus has taken its toll on lots of community gatherings, and our Club has succumb to the same restrictions. Watch our Club site and emails for any change in our Club calendar of events. All Radio airways are Coronavirus free, so using your equipment over this trying time is not limited in any way, except to your licensing condition.

Dateline 25/12/2019 “Club has a good run” Thanks to all who attended the Club call sign VK4WIE has take a winning place in the latest Spring Field day event.

See results here:

Dateline 22/12/2019″A Special Message” From the Boss,

I wish you all a happy Christmas and I look forward to the Club having a successful year in 2020. Our first meeting in 2020 is on Tuesday 11 February.

See you then,


Dateline 10/12/2019″Xmas Meeting Tonite”. See you there.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Xmas

Dateline 4/12/2019″History is to be made” Clubroom December Meeting. See U there.

Dateline 24/11/2019 ” Northern NSW in Log “ Spring Field Day was a great success, we all turned up for a brisk 8 hour stint, all bands were worked to the limit and the logs are emailed. Thanks to all for there assistance for the setup and it looks like our new Club trailer is a massive help to the Club (thanks to VK4NE, NEF, CRO and all others who helped with the project construction.

Dateline 13/11/2019″Large Club Movement” Last nites meeting has yielded a larger number of operators for the next VHF/UHF Field Day, so we will be running 2m/70cm/6m/23cm/2.4GHz and 10GHz from our location near Belmont of fresh fields with excellent take off to the North and South of (Belmont)Brisbane.

Two operaters waiting for the start gun VK4 NEF and MJF @ the microwave gear

Dateline 29/10/2019″Repeaters are a Go” Late this morning the work crew angels have waved their magic wands at the TAFE with great results, 2/70 cm and 6 metre repeaters are up and running. Thanks Guys.

Dateline 15/10/2019″Icom hits back @ Yaesu” FT817D has been knocked for a six, Icom has released it new IC705 HF/50Mhz VHF/UHF full mode radio. Seems IC7300 and the newly released IC9700 are also in the firing line. ICOM IC-705 HF/VHF/UHF PORTABLE SDR TRANSCEIVER

5/10 watts very versatile radio

Dateline 6/10/2019″ Guess how’s topped the Sherwood Eng Charts” Yes its Yaesu, “yes Yaesu” topped the charts with its new FTDX101D with SDR Technology, its not just a 3D show pony. see here:

Dateline 30/09/2019 “Foundation a winner” A LCD for all Amateur Licence holders is takeaway some 3.6Ghz bandwidth and cover it up with a titbit. Foundation holders get some real help to make our hobby a bit more up to date, but the ACMA missed a chance to help the usage of allowed bands by all. see here :

Dateline 22/09/2019 “Tower Handling” By CRO, “she’s been up for some years and I was doing the annual maintenance”.Then down she came, me included. All humans made it, just a few bumps, bruises and a dented pride, but the towers is a write off (will bring extra cash from the scrap merchants). I have too report: there will be 4- m2- 2 metre antennas up for sale on VK Ham, the new tower will be much smaller.

very heavy grade pipe

Dateline 20/09/2019 ” ACMA on the hunt” ACMA under the cloak of an updated LCD, seems to be aligning its self with the big Telcos by selling off more Amateur bandwidth. It appears the hobby which has fostered many a technical vocation, with the reverse, many degree applicants entering the hobby as the interest presents its self. With the Amateur bands it self is not a training ground to do this not. As the writer has been an Amateur over ten years with a keen interest in all bands (HF- Microwave), its odd to see this kind of greed or big brother attitude when the all other countries recognise the value of the Hobby. Other electronic devises such as drones, cars, household items and batteries swallowing up even more bandwidth. Seems like in Victoria the pirate is alive and kicken on these bands so if ACMA persist with this attitude it may fester unlawful activities.

Dateline 15/09/2019 “Icom goes small” IC705 a new look for Icom portable HF/ 50 144 /430 Mhz included low power SDR.


see here:

Dateline 10/09/2019″ACMA sits on hands” The ACMA has closed the proposed LCD for the next 5 years, some weeks back and is still to advise the result of its fact finding. We await the results.

Dateline 5/09/2019″Don’t Forget the September Club Meeting . SEE U THERE

Wagons ho just a memory

Dateline 7/08/2019 “Rons Idea of a hamfest” A ham feast about to begin with the 9m2 gang.

This a radio group, odd no radios !

Dateline 10/07/2019″2 METER EUROPEAN PROPAGATION EXPERIMENT ON JULY 20, 2019′ Click here:

Dateline 29/06/2019″ACMA TO CHANGE LCD”. The ACMA has announced it will change the LCD, it is looking for further submissions which close on the 9th of August 2019. We all live by these regulations to be Hams, so have a read. Click here

Dateline 16/05/2019 “IC9700 has bad DRIFT” Sherwood Engineering has reported. “There are frequency stability issues with the IC-9700 that affect both CW, SSB and weak signal digital modes such as those provided by WSJT X. Frequency drift on 2 meters through 23cm has been observed causing digital decoding to be seriously degraded or impossible.” See more here”:

Also see in this site further information on drift with other SDR Brands.

Dateline 9/05/2019″Meeting Due” Tuesday 14th, same place, same room, more interesting subjects. See U There.

Dateline 2/05/2019 “A Miracle LNA” Latest mod to the mini kits 23cm LNA 28 dbn and works great.

Well it all started with a mini kits 23cm LNA and how to switch it through a bias tee or a sequencer, added a idea, 2 mini kits relays and some sma connecters. Sorter worked but too big to put in a small box. Spoke to VK4AMG, he took it further and cut the relays to size planted them inside, VK4MJF had a shot in the process, but alas a trip back to George for clean up. Anyway the job is great works well off IC910/IC9100 coax option and away we go.

Dateline 29/04/2019″ Xmas is over” Well Xmas is over and all had a great time, now its on with the show.

Dateline 20/04/2019 “Capacitance” Well the new battery is here. No its not lithium or an other form of iron and chemicals to take up the reactance/friction, to offer some form of current, with a charging time that definitely helps to delay your day. Its that odd little thing thats kept in the shack to smooth out and distribute current call the capacitor. This supercapacitor or ultracapacitor has the ability to store energy in an electric field, where a battery stores its potential energy in a chemical form. These capacitors are able to charge and discharge faster than a conventional battery because of this energy storage method. With the voltage output of a supercapacitor declines linearly as current flows. Too date these items are being used to enhance lithium battery packs. see more here.

Dateline 15/04/2019 “Amateur Radio Wins” At long last Amatuers have been rewarded by the mainstream manufacturers with radio’s; mainly (SDR’s) which offers a wide scope of operation to most of the popular bands and modes. First Ft991 (not SDR but touch screen/super heterodyne tech), next Ic7300 HF/6m and the Ic9700 (just released) with the bands 2, 70, 1296cm for contesting in VHF/UHF/SHF. Elecraft came to the front some years back, with its K3 HF/6m followed some years later with 2/4 metre modules, P3 panadapter, but stopped there as they too couldn’t see the popular usage of the 70cm and 1296cm. If you search the net, you can find lots of SDR dongles for receive, some can be call transceivers with some study to offer all popular bands, even further bands into micro wave world.Sales of the IC9700 sold out this weekend at some of the Hamfests held around Australia..

Dateline 10/04/2019″Delayed Xmas”

2018 Xmas Party will be on 27th April@ 12-1230 at the Tinglpa Fish shop 

(Manly road next to the boat yard)

Dateline 26/03/2019 “WIA vs AMC” Looking at the news on website of both stack holders it seems that a rift has appeared in there communication, each blaming the other. AFL/NRL have these type of duke outs there footballers. Its a hobby we are talking about and the word politics has raised its ugly head. Read here: for more.

Dateline14/03/2019 “Update coming Soon” For those IC9100 owners a full panadapter install modification from KD2C ‘s Pat v9100. not IC9700 but it will see like it, and more.

Dateline 7/02/2019″Uni gets Exams” As of 25th February 2019 a Tasmanian University will be offering the examinations for our Hobby. See Here:

Dateline 6/02/2019″Club Meeting” February Club Meeting will be held at the normal venue at MtGravat on the 12th being a Tuesday. see you there.

Dateline 5/02/2019″WIA lost to ACMA” Acma has opted to release the WIA from its deed to hold examinations for all amateurs radio operators. : See here for more.

Dateline 29/01/2019″ IC9700 Buzz”

Looking through most of the gossip mediums the IC9700 looks like a new Icon from Icom, guess only time will tell. All the research that can be found is that an Icom employee was visiting a Ham feast in or fair Country and a heathy conversation came up with the need for a much needed SDR with other add ons to help the uhf vhf enthusiast to achieve better results. Noted so we patently await the item from Icom.  Strictly Ham is quoted as saying “we expect sales to start in April 2019, as advised by Icon AU”

Dateline11/01/2019″Club ringers a result” Vk4 WIE makes a winning result in the Spring field day Contest. See Results Here

DateLine 10/01/2019″Summers here’s is the summer field day “ See you on one of the bands, looks like the weather gods are working with us..

Date 1/1/2019 “Happy New Year” from us all in the control centre of our Club and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Club meeting.

Date 19/12/2018″Xmas is here”Thanks to all our creative worldwide team of passionate individuals. Club members and our Management team, for all our fabulous events throughout the year. Please keep safe over the festivities and come and see us in the new year, (not forgetting the up and coming Summer Field day.)

a IC9700 sonny I started with a crystal set

Dateline 5/12/2108 “XMAS Meeting on” Yes we are having a XMAS Meeting at MtGravatt 7.00pm Tuesday 11th December. See you there.

Dateline 24/11/2018 “No Test Here” Yes its the real deal Spring VHF/UHF Field Day all were out with the new trailer and set up Thanks too all those Club members how helped build and test the rig before the first day out. VK4 GC CRO NE SQ and NEF manned the set for the day with contact on 6 metres to 1296cm, a great day was had by all.

Dateline 18/10/2018 “Trailer shack Down” Saturday 20th October 2018 will be the last shack down before the Clubs first Field day to be held at the Cro’s place in Belmont.  This first field day being the Summer VHF/UHF Contest in November 2018(see events area for more information). See you @ the Cro’s .

Club trailer working bee

Dateline 2/10/2018 “FT8 makes a mark”  Working 40 + 20metres for VI4MARCONI, with 450 contacts great work from VK4WIE Crew. After a long week of utilising the VKMarconi call sign it moves on to another Club to try their hand, look at WIA web site for a wrap up of the results.


Dateline 29/09/2018 “Marconi Experience “ VI4Marconi has been operating from the 25th of this month until the end of the week-end at our Club HF shack in Belmont, have a look for us and give us a number, would be great to here from you.


Dateline 16/09/2018″fighting snakes in club event” Today was the Club event, too check and repair the antenna system at the Club HF headquarters in Boston road. Several members turned up at the suggested time and we set too the task, for the up and coming event VI4MARCONI to be held on 25th-30th of this month. We started with the condition of coax and feed lines, then moved out to the back of the chook shed were we confronted with overgrown vegetation and the odd dead snake. All went well and retired to the shade of the back patio for refreshment.

Dateline 9/09/2018″Great day/Coffers flow over” Wombye Hamfest was another success story for the club coffers, thanks to VK4NEF,NE &MJF who worked hard talking to prospective customers and a keen eye to pick up the last of the Club field day trailer gear and we are off! and running for the next field day.


Dateline 4/09/2018″Club Event” Our group will be allocated from 0000UTC on the 25th September to 2359 UTC on the 30th September. The call sign to be used is VI4MARCONI. The usual LCD requirements apply. September is the 100th Anniversary of the first radio contact between the Marconi station in Wales and with Mr. Ernest Fisk (AWA) Sydney Australia. This event is using VI#MARCONI special event callsign. The event will run from 0000UTC on the 1st September to 2359UTC on the 30th September.

The Fat cat section HF

Top score section

Dateline 12/08/2018 ” 7.110 Mhz EmComm ” ORARI, Lombok Earthquake emergency frequency has been extended.


Entering the sixth day of post-Earthquake 7 SR which shook the region in West Nusa Tenggara and Bali, emergency handling was still intensified. The emergency response period for handling the impact of earthquakes in West
Nusa Tenggara ended on 08/08/2018. However, considering the many problems in handling the impact of the earthquake, the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara finally decided to extend the 14-day emergency response period, which is calculated from August 12 to 25, 2018

Conditions in the field are still many problems, such as the still victims who have to be evacuated, refugees who have not been handled properly, the aftershocks that are still going on and even earthquakes that damage and cause casualties, and others. With the establishment of an emergency response period there is easy access for personnel deployment, resource use, budget use, procurement of logistics and equipment, and administration
so that the handling of disaster impacts becomes faster.

The number of earthquake victims continues to increase. Until Saturday (11/08/2018) recorded 387 people died.

Mr. Erdius (YBØQA) as Head of Operations and Technical Affairs on behalf of ORARI HQ has sent 1 unit of VHF Repeater and 10 VHF Handy Talkies, to facilitate communication in all fields.

That is the update.
August 11, 2018, 20:39 Local Time or 13:39 UTC

73, Dani, YB2TJV on behalf ORARI HQ

Dateline 10/08/2018″Keep in mind” Meeting, the next Club meeting is fast approaching and it will be packed with the past months activities.

Dateline 29/07/2018″New Amplifier hits market” Electraft KPA1500 (1500 watts)

Separate remote-controlled power supply

KPA1500 FAQ(pdf)         KPA1500 eHam Reviews         KPA1500 Flyer(pdf)        

Our new KPA1500 solid-state amplifier won’t take over your entire desktop: it’s just 4.5 x 13.5 x 11.5” (HWD; 11.5 x 34 x 29 cm). The lightweight matching companion power supply can be placed on the floor or in any other convenient location.

The KPA1500 was designed with the serious operator in mind. Its no-nonsense front panel shows all important parameters at a glance, with a high-contrast 32-character LCD and fast, bright LED bar graphs. Band switching is instantaneous, via control inputs or RF sensing. Protection and monitoring circuitry is extensive and foolproof, letting you focus on the job at hand — breaking pileups and overcoming the most difficult operating conditions. And it wouldn’t be an Elecraft amp without robust PIN-diode T/R switching. Like our KPA500, the KPA1500 offers fast QSK without a noisy relay.

The amplifier’s rugged internal ATU can handle full power with load SWR up to 3:1, while a wider matching range is allowed at lower power, including up to 10:1 in standby mode.

When it’s time to make waves, you can rely on the compact, quiet, highly integrated Elecraft KPA1500.

KPA1500 Features:

Dateline 23/07/2018″Coffers filling up” Our Club participation in the Caboolture Ham fest was a screaming success. Seems some dollars made the bank account after costs. We thank all the club members for their assistance and or the support given.

Dateline 18/07/2018 “Results are in” Winter Field Day results are in and you can review the results,   Here…..

Dateline 11/07/2018 “The’re Back” Cried the Cro. After weeks of repair and lots of $$$$$$$ to fix his eaten antenna array coax cable damage. His saga continues, the Cro has just advised us of the return of the Rat pack( sorry cocki Pac) to test his handy work. Lets hope all works out well.

The Rat Pack are Back

Dateline 10/07/2018″Important Notice”   The CRO reports,

Some of our happy sellers meet them there.

“I have  booked a table for the Club please fwd to members

Sat. 21st July – 2 weeks away – mark it on your calendars”.

159 Smiths Road CABOOLTURE.

This time, due to the huge amount of gear donated during the year, we will be holding a  MONSTER DISPOSAL SALE with very generous pricing.Usual BIG BREAKFAST – Bacon & egg rolls, sausages & onion, tea/coffee, soft drinks etc etc.

Plenty of parking.

Open to sellers 7am.
Open to public 8am.

Entry $5

Dateline 9/07/2018 “Its Official “There will be a July meeting on Tuesday 10th at the normal Club meeting @7.00 pm, See you there.

older members, bless their hearts.

Date 25/06/2018″Winter Field Day roll out” Lots of Stations were out and about over last weekends Field Day VK4 WIE,  WIS, OE ,EA, MIL and UH just to name a few. Its was great to see so many having a go, a large contingent also in northern VK2 also trying their rigs out. Its worthwhile noting all the missing Club field day gear has been located, so stop looking.

Date24/06/2018 “Shack Up or Down” We all congregated  at the CRO’S place, load the Club trailer and made our way to the field day site. All went well with the erections and the antenna’s were well in the air. Then the forgotten element, the radio’s and power supplies . This seemed to take a little extra effort as the genie was not giving us the 240 volts required to run the supply, with some great detective work by Eric (VK4NEF), this issue was resolved. Next the contacts well it got better with every call and after some minor adjustments all was well, we all had a blast and suggested that the venue could be used again for the next contest. Thanks to VK4 NE, CRO, IAA   GC, NEF and MJF.

Stop PressThe June 23-24th Field Day, will at London Rd. Belmont 4153 QG62nl

Assemble at Cro,s at 8.00 am on Saturday 23rd.

BYO lunch and drinks as we are in the middle of a paddock.

Dateline 14/06/2018″New LCD Out” Take a look at the results of the WIA/LCD and give it the tick or cross.    Click Here to read.

Dateline 12/06/2018” Same Place” Yes its on again to nite Club Meeting See You There…  Could be lots to discuss and pass, its the the last month of the financial year 2017/18.


Dateline 30/05/2018 “RED FEST IS ON” The annual Redfest will be held on Saturday the 2nd of June at St Michael’s College near the Abbey Museum in Caboolture Queensland.

St Michael’s College (and the Abbey Museum) is well signposted from the Bribie Island Road, heading toward Bribie Island from the highway. Look for signs from the Bribie Island Road.

Doors will open at 09:00 and admission will be $5.00

Raffles and door prizes will be running on the day.
Catering facilities will be provided. Easy and nearby parking.

Want to “Redistribute some Treasures?” Book a selling space for just $10/table.

Table setup from 07:00.

Dateline 12/05/2018  “Club Silent Key ,” Sandro Bertolone a former member of our club passed last Thursday his call was VK4II .(Funeral at 2.30 at seasons aged care 881 Kingston Rd Waterford West) He lived at Holland Park for many years and moved out to the Brisbane valley about 10 years ago. Some of past efforts with the club were field day trips and very active in club activities mainly on HF, as most of us, he came from the CB era. Some of the Club conversations are of one Field day trip to Mt Wolvi near Gympie Qld, of which Sandro took part. After the setup the weather came in rather nastily and along with rain coming into the communication tent, a vist from some local cows and bulls; also tried to take refuge, or something to that nature. Im sure there a many other stories which can be told, but I sure he will be missed for other reasons, our thoughts go out to his family.

old members

Dateline 10/05/2018 “GNU Radio” Watch this space.

Dateline 9/05/2018 “Raffle rigged” VK4MJF won the the Club raffle of a very nice multi metre, congratulation to John. Calls of Club corruption have been muted although club officials has denied any odd practices. All other Club business was orderly and a delegation for the up and coming Redfest was discussed, where a Club table will be in the event, full of treasures. See u there.

Dateline 8/05/2018 ” Same Place” Yes its on again to nite Club Meeting See You There…

Dateline 8/05/2018 “KX3 Drift” With the WIA including digital modes for some of the field days contests it seemed a good idea to see if they were any new fixes for the drift issue with the KX3. After searching though a few more sites, I was confronted with a few views on the fixing which seemed  fair solutions, although one site suggested that Elecraft it self was making changes to the future version of the KX3 or its boards . Well it was time to ask the question, so much has been published on this subject and the for and against are still out there and with a suggested new radio or board made a new mix to this problem. I emailed the support group at Elecraft for an update and along with other replies they sent this official text.

Here is the official statement:

The KX3 was never designed for some of the new narrow-bandwidth digital modes. We always recommend the K3S for those applications. Despite any discussions on the blog-o-sphere, the KX3’s frequency stability for portable use is quite reasonable. Further, the KX3 is specified for operation up to 5 watts for _any_ digital mode as many attempt to run it at up to 15 watts out.

With the release of the 2M option, we also implemented the Temperature Compensation system in the KX3 which added a bit more stability for use with that transverter implementation.

Customer options are:

– Use a K3S for high duty cycle, narrow bandwidth digital modes.

– Run the Temperature Compensation procedure on the KX3 but understand that the KX3’s thermal stability cannot be compared to that of the K3S nor can it be expected.

– Use additional cooling techniques to minimize the temperature shift of the local oscillator. Operators can use the KX3’s metering to monitor the LO temp right from the front panel.

– Elecraft does not recommend replacement of the RF Boards for 2 reasons:

– Cost: At about $700 plus at least 1-2 hours labor, the return on investment is not there.

– Performance Improvement: Will not be significant for a radio designed for portable use.

To date the KX3 has been used on 2.4 and 10Ghz with great success with a 50mhz and 2 metre IF,on SSB and FM.  With the addition by the WIA to include the digital modes this side has not been explored and we will have to fall back on the trusted FT817 with its updated colour screen read out (which was published back on the site).

Dateline 3/05/2018 “Meetings on” 8th May Tuesday nite same place 7:00   See U there.

DateLine  27/03/2018 “Hamfest Postponed” Redfest” the Redcliffe amatuer Radio Club Hamfest normally held early April at the campus near Bribie Island road Caboolture. Has been POSTPONED will advise the date as know.

Dateline 21/04/2018 “VI4GAMES” This being a special event call sign for the Commonwealth Games 2018 held @ the Gold Coast. As of yet only VK4NE and MJF have logged a session with them on FT8 after the tragic closing ceremony.  

Dateline 20/04/2018 “23 0n 23 “ don’t forget the next 23 on 23 this Monday nite 8pm, see u there.

Dateline 15/03/2018 “Cable Guy’s Arrive” It was 9:30am a nice sunny day and VK4MJF was out in the garden gardening, when two familiar voices yelled “well were here and were is it”, the cyclone came to mind but it had gone, so the thought was a coffee, and from there it was all go.  Of course they were here to help repair the new electric tower mod, done a few weeks ago, which finished up with the top pulley failure. So within a hour or two VK4NE and the CRO had the job in hand and a test was conducted with success being the key word, (not to suggest there was a lot chest pounding going on). RF Island is know up on 2m 70cm 1.2 and 2.4GHz with tests being  booked in for later in the evening. Well thanks went all around and a quick trip to the local for a Pensioners lunch of all you can eat for $10.00 was on the menu.

Putting the owner to work

Dateline 14/03/2018 “Another miracle”hello out there, all done works perfecto I did it the same way I do all the rotators KR 400 never had an issue with it regards Mic. Not sure what it is but I’m sure we’ll here about the gift soon.(Its odd but I haven’t worked out how you transform a KR400 into a Hi-gain Ham IX, Ham M.

Dateline 12/03/2018 “Meeting Tuesday” Same place, Same time, Same interesting information and show and tells as per the normal. see u there.

Dateline 10/03/2018″To Lube or not Lube” Recently we had a Club event with the Club trailer were we had a seized nut and bolt just nipped up with a small spanner, well a word galling came to the conversation some had never heard this expression before in a search on the internet Eric (VK4NEF) has found this attached summery.

Stainless Steel Galling (cold-welding)

From time to time, we get complaints from customers regarding galling of stainless steel fasteners.

Here is an excerpt from the Industrial Fastener Institute’s Standards Book:

Thread galling seems to be the most prevalent with fasteners made of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other alloys which self-generate an oxide surface film for corrosion protection. During fastener tightening, as pressure builds between the contactin and sliding thread surfaces, protective oxides are broken, possibly wiped off and iterface metal high points shear or lock together. This cumulative clogging-shearing-locking action causes increasing adhesion. In the extreme, galling leads to seizing – the actual freezing together of the threads. If tightening is continued, the fastener can be twisted off or its threads ripped out.

During minor galling, the fastener can still be removed, but in severe cases of galling, a strong bond between the bolt and nut can prevent removal of fastners. Unfortunately, little is known on how to control it, but here are two ways to minimize this effect:

Decreasing installation RPM speed will cause less friction and decrease heat generation.

Lubrication used prior to assembly can dramatically reduce or eliminate galling. Recommended lubricants should contain higher amounts of molybdenum disulfide, such as graphite which is very commonly used as a solid lubricant or special anti-galling lubricants sold by chemical companies.

We provide anti-seize compound with all of our antennas and strongly encourage you to use it to reduce the aggravation of galling. Contrary to popular belief, galling of stainless steel is not a symptom of a “cheap” fastener – it is prevalent in all types of stainless steel, aluminum and titanium fasteners. You can be assured that the stainless steel fasteners we provide with our products are manufactured of high quality.

Save yourself a lot of grief and always use a thread lubricant when working with stainless steel fasteners.

Click here for more

Dateline 4/03/2018″ Icom Receiver” IC R8600 has had a new listing in the Sherwood rankings, good to see a receiver up there with the latest SDR transceivers. see details here  

Locally priced at $3245.00

Dateline 3/03/2018 ” FT818 its new”FT-818 – 6W HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Portable Transceiver

The new FT-818 incorporates all the many basic and attractive features of the ever-popular FT-817ND while providing upgrades desired by many existing owners. The FT-818 provides 6W of solid output power with an external DC power source. The supplied Ni-MH battery pack (SBR-32MH) has been upgraded to now provide larger battery capacity – 9.6v/ 1900mAh. The recent launch of several new satellites is a certain indicator that the large global community of satellite enthusiast are going to be very delighted to learn that the FT-818 includes a Built-in TCXO-9 oscillator that gives the FT-818 fantastic frequency stability (±0.5ppm). Locally priced at $850.00

Well its” NEW” thats what the advertising suggests, anyway its a shame that the worlds best and well used transceiver is just that and Yaesu believes that doing a few modes makes it a 2018 run out and buy me radio. Well that is all that can be said, most all other brands have decided that a hobby as vast as Ham Radio needs a bit of a wow factor to sell their product with some modern enervation like larger touch screens, SDR friendly , easy to use menus etc. Never mind it seems we are just not the customers and a few more bells and whistles are not the way to sell good radios. (Please read back through this news Blog to see some of the great aftermarket modes made by not Yaesu).

Dateline 25/02/2018″Wyong Report” Our roving reporters were today on their annual pilgrimage south to the Wyong Hamfest, on arrival they reported ,the most noticeable was the trash and treasure (boot sale ); had been place under cover in the main causeway. With the new deluxe tent structure type accommodation for the traders  (not much rain had been reported). They also reported reasonable crowds; and were very happy with bargains and treasure they acquired.

Dateline 23/02/2018 “WYONG IS ON THIS WEEKEND”  Sunday 25th February 2018 at Wyong Race Course. Gates open at 8:30am. Traders & Flea market setup open from 6:00am. Traders / exhibitors / Seminars access opens at 9:00am. Some of us will be there.

DateLine 23/02/2018″ 23 on 23″ So its the 23rd of the month and at 8.00pm the 23cm band will be abuzz, see you there.

23cm Amplifier, give it a work out Completed board

DateLine  21/02/2018   “ITS ON !”  Well its on  the next Brisbane VHF Group Club Microwave Activity Day on (Sunday 8th April) from a hill or roof top near you, see you there. Keep checking for more detail as they  finalise the days events. Already the interest has been well received, some people are going to Islands as well. 

under the new digs

Dateline 15/02/2018″Pencil this in” March the 3rd @ CRO’s place for the second attempt of Trailer Wars (Version1.01), Guaranteed fun for all.

Dateline 7/02/2018 “Its Out”     Today the first KPA1500 Amplifier left the building for shipment to the lucky owner. Wow 1500 watts and a brunette can carry 2 of them, beats the hell out of the rest were it needs two too legally carry it (15kg).

Click here for more

Dateline 3/02/2018 “1st Day Out” Well we all arrived at the CRO,s place for our first Club trailer shack down. All was set for the morning, even the weather was doing the normal setup drizzle, so the tempers were cooled; so off we went. El commodore gave the morning pray and advise on the preferred settings and all went well, with some needed adjustments and suggestion. After our 1.5 hours of setup, we relocated the Club trailer back in the shed awaiting the next shakedown day. Then we moved on too the luncheon, with a quick 2.4ghz demo provided by MJF, showing a 10 minutes  setup time, and thanks to the weather and Ron’s location under the southern aircraft path, rain scatter and aircraft enhancement. There was a lot of story telling etc and we packed up and all made our way to our next destinations. See u on the next day.

Dateline 2/02/2018 “Shack down day” Don’t forget 9.00 am saturday 3rd Feb (tomorrow) Club Trailer Trial, see u there. 

Dateline 23/01/2018″Club Event” Pencil in this date(Club event) 3rd of February 2018,around 9.00am local EST(2300hrs) for the Club Trailer Shackdown @ the Cro’s place See u all there. Advise VK4NE if you are not coming, otherwise we,ll expect u there.

new club field day bus

Dateline 22/01/2018″23 ON 23″ is on again see u there?

Dateline 18/01/2018 “Club Lucky Door Prize”Its on the second Tuesday of February 13th 2018, this will be our first Club meeting for the year and the club has decided to have a lucky door prize and its the winners pick, SEE U THERE!

Dateline 10/1/2018 “Santa Came to the Club” Look a gift from Santa, might have been a bit late, but it’s in the Club Trailer.

Dateline 5/1/2018″ A Happy New Year’s Result” As the holiday period ends and we are all off to our normal daily tasks, there is some surprising news, the results are in for the Spring VHF-UHF Field day, held late in December 2017. More so as some of our Club members rolled up and gave a few numbers with VK4AMG (George home base) and VK4MJF ( John on RF Island) VK4MIL (Colin (under VK4IF on Howells Knob)) Great stuff boys.  I’m sure we all thank them all for their efforts. Click Here for full details.

2/1/2018   “Wyong Field Day” Sunday 25th February 2018. Gates open at 8:30am. Traders & Flea market setup open from 7:00am. Traders / exhibitors / Seminars access opens at 9:00am. Click here for further info. 
Dateline 24/12/2017″A Message on High”, Hi to all the Committee members, technical team, yes it is a big team of tech’s, also club members. I wish to thanks all the members of the club for the assistance through the year; also a special thanks for  all the ones involved with the Club project Trailer for field days. I hope that next year we do some more projects for the club and ourselves.  “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to all, from the management team”.

Dateline 3/12/2017″Xmas Cheers” It was nice to catch up with several of the Club members on saturday evening at the club Xmas do, held at CRO’s QTH. Lots of food and a few drinks whilst telling a few stories. They kicked us out about 10 pm, after last drinks and we all made our way home with renewed vigour.

Dateline 30/11/2017 “FT817’s new dial” After our report on the update to the Yaesu FT817 face lift one of our club members has taken up the challenge and install the mod.

After comparing the two screens, its a no brainer you could spend the money and configure the screen into the system and see what you are trying to do.

 I did purchase the item from the ad (info on web site below) on display for the FT817  there are some pictures, it’s great to see all the stuff of the FT817in the display all the best thanks Mick VK4NE &YV4AVI

Dateline 10/11/2017″ The Parties ON” See u at the Cro’s place on Saturday around 5:30 pm, not sure who’s cooking the culinary delights, etc.

Last years mob

Dateline 24/11/2017″Spring Field day” A good 1/2 dozen or so operators VK4 southern area, have entered this 2017 Spring Field day, with most contacts being local VK4 and VK2 northern NSW. Club members VK4AMG(George) with 4MJF(John) seem to be the club representives with some assistance from some others for scores, including Vk4KSY in Hervey Bay.

Dateline 19/11/2017″DSTAR” Well as this mode is not shared by many, this report is basically a quick  run down on one of our local site. Wamuran site (sponsored by Redcliffe Radio Club), Output is 438.675 MHz, input is 431.675MHz (note the -7MHz offset). The gateway is connected to D-STAR reflector REF030C, which has quite a bit of traffic from Europe and North America. It seems to have a combination of home and mobile operators with very SSB varied voices to help recognise the mode. This site will report more on this mode in future news.

Dateline 17/11/2017 ‘IMPORTANT DATE” Club Xmas BBQ will be instead of our December . On the 2nd December 2017; from 5.30 at VK4cro’s QTH @ 286 Boson Road Belmont. Food and soft drinks will be on the menu, BYO if you wish. Please confirm your attendance to VK4NE catering purpose.

Dateline 15/11/2017 “6 (six)Metres has a great start” If you follow the propagation tree on 6 (six) metres; this season seems to be building too a great season. Lots of activity with the digital modes; FT8, USB contacts and follow the beacons are all ago too date. Contacts across the pond and further north. 23 on 23 is also coming up pencil this date in always a fun nite.

15/11/2017″From the Meeting” Club Xmas Party will be at 5:30 pm on the 2nd December 2017 @ the CRO’s place see u there, probably not doing the Spring Field day as the Club trailer will not be ready.

a KX3 sonny I started with a crystal set

Dateline 13/11/2017″Its on again” See you at the November 2017 meeting on the 14th of this Month, YES Tuesday, Tomorrow nite SEE YOU THERE.

Dateline 12/11/2017″Coffers run ath over” The three amigos road down to the Gold Coast on Saturday to take part in the Gold Coast Ham Fest. It didn’t seem to be a record number of customers, but the takens were excellent for the club, so we can have extra coffee and biscuts at the next meeting, (which by the way is on the 14th November@ the usual events place). Lots of old Hams to see and chat too, tell lies and stories of the years adventures. We left around 1.00pm and made our way back too our respective abodes, looking forward to the next ham fest maybe Wyong NSW.

Dateline 10/11/2017″DX Isles a go” VK9MA and VK9AR, VK9AR/6 are all up and operating on there appointed reeves. Have a read at their site jump on the old dipole etc and give em a number, several modes including digital (FT8). Then  get out and plan you own.

Date 2/11/2017 “Winter Field day results “ Please take a look  and see how you went in this years Winter field day results for 2017::Check results here.

Stickybeeks but a great day

Dateline 29/10/2017 “See whats on your ft817 screen” Take a look :here

This is a great mod to your FT8-7, really good functions easier to use than the menu.

Dateline28/10/2017 “New Stuff” Elecraft clone from China with lots of extra’s RS-918 HF SDR Transceiver QRP Ham Radio (160-30Mhz). Demo here:     let the demo show you about it.

Main Functions:
Spectrum Dynamic Waterfall Display
Multiple Working Modes: Receive Mode, Transmit Mode, TUNE Mode, VFO Mode, SPLIT Mode
DSP Digital Signal Processing Noise Reduction
Automatic Notch Filter
Humanized Interface Color Display
Receive Fine Tuning Function, Changeable MIC Gain Value
VCC Power Supply Voltage Indication Table
Transmit Signal Strength Display Table
Multifunctional Instrument: SWR Standing Wave Ratio Meter, AVD Audio Frequency Meter, ALC Signal Modulation Meter

Frequency Range
TX: 0.5MHz-30MHz
RX: All HAM HF Bands
Operating Mode
TX Power
5W (Standard, DC 13.8V) , 15W (Full,DC 13.8V)
Receiving Sensitivity
0.11~0.89μV(RFC 50-20)
Minimum Frequency Step
Operating Voltage
Antenna Impedance
Frequency Stability
±1.5PPM Power on 5 Minutes (Standard) ; ±0.5PPM if Optional TCXO Used
Maximum Current
Product Dimension (W × H × D)
Transceiver comes with automatic key generator circuit. Can be connected to the use of automatic keys

Dateline 21/10/2017″Re invent ourselves” Well off we go again reinvent ourselves, says the WIA.  In its latest find ourselves, workshop to find out how to resolve the age old problem of how get new members and re-spark the hobby. WIA has highlighted the Z-call and foundation calls were introduced, to assist in the lack of interest in the tech savvy youth of today. With the help of a proposed new LCD and other school projects such as SARC (School Amateur Radio Club net), STEM (Science technology Engineering and Maths). With this in mind the WIA consulted widely with members and non-members on the future Licence Condition Determination (LCD). A review and reform of the LCD is now expected to begin soon, to be finalised in 2018. Some of the more traditional communication media such as Facebook, twitter etc, are the ones to target to try to integrate the hobby via and though these other forms. All very interesting reading so take a look. Here.

Also after you have had a read remember the real life of Amateur radio is on the 23 on 23 this month so see you there.

Dateline 8/10/2017 “Who doing their SPring Cleaning”  or is it time to start? “Ok then,” what are you doing these loverly spring days?, I’ve just cleaned and rearranged the shack,

Only the Cro Knows

Dateline 1/10/2017″Daylite What?,and the Job goes on” Daylite savings has started down south and the Club trail work goes on.

Shiny new winches and pins, no sign of rust.

Dateline 29/09/2017″NEF Picks up Award” At the list Brisbane VHF Group VK4nef was awarded a life membership for his efforts whilst in solved with the Club. Congratulations Eric.

Dateline 27/09/2017 ” Shock Horror, WIA!!! ”    Have a read of the next instalment of the new WIA Board.  See Here:: Read carefully.

Dateline 26/09/2017 “Heres a Club Record” “” 20,000 Visitors !!!, “” Who would of thought, such a little club with such a big audience, keep the stories coming in. 

Dateline  24/09/2017″23 on 23 was off and running” Well this months 23 on 23 was had a great roll up with signal up and down the VK4-VK2 areas. Some aircraft enhancement with a bit of Troppo mixed in.

Dateline 14/09/2017″23 0n 23″ As September 23rd falls on a weekend (next Saturday), it provides the chance for [non-retired] operators to take full advantage of the extra time, and head for the hills to trial their /P station capabilities, investigate new paths and hopefully complete a contact with a new station or two that they wouldn’t normally work from their home station.

It also, and more importantly provides the time and opportunity to activate other uWave bands and reduce the $:QSO for the investment made in our capabilities. 🙂

The recommendation for a 12noon start in July seems appropriate for the September 23-on-23+MAD, so here’s a suggested schedule:

12:00pm (02:00z) – 02:00pm (04:00z) 23cm + 13cm SSB/CW only
1:00pm (03:00z) – 3:00pm (05:00z) 9cm and above uWave bands

For stations in SE VK4 liaison –
147.000 Repeater
40m – 7.150MHz (for those with /P HF capability)
Mobile/cell phone

For all participants –
VKLogger iChat ’23&Above’

As a number of 23cm Plus operators choose not to participate in this forum, please let those who you know may be interested of the event and ask them to also share their plans. [hard to point the dish to someone if you don’t know they’re there!!]

However to allow others to plan their participation, could you please advise your interest, availability and any suggested enhancements to the schedule in this thread?

And once you’ve shared your intended /P location on here, most importantly update your /P profile on VKLogger to ensure that we know where you are!

Scott VK4CZ.

Dateline 13/09/2017″Tropo’s IN” Looks like a great start to the season with Hepburn Charts predicting possible contacts to the North, South and East.

Dateline 10/09/2017″Here we are” Yes we all went to the Wombye Hamfest for the Sunny Coast Radio Club, and yes some quality product has been purchased for the Club/Trailer. A good time was had by all, with lots of stories and Radio mates to catchup with, See u next year.

Dateline 7/09/2017 “Easy to Find Us” Well not sure but if we are out on a field day well be the ones with the brite gear reflecting in the sun. Forget google maps just don the sunnies u’ll find us.

Amazing what a trailer can do, all brite and shiny for its first outing.

Dateline 4/09/2017″IC910 bites the dust” 

Icom Inc will be showing a prototype of a new VHF/UHF/1.2GHz transceiver called the IC-9700 at the Tokyo Hamfair, taking place on September 2nd and 3rd.

Click Here for MORE:

This radio has been kept under wraps and we don’t know too much about this radio at the moment. What we can surmise is that the IC-9700 will probably be an SDR successor to the popular IC-910H VHF/UHF transceiver.

Also being shown are other forthcoming Icom radio models including:

• IC-7610 SDR HF/50MHz Transceiver (Base Station)
• IC-R8600 SDR Wideband Receiver (Base Station) with updated firmware which is capable of I/Q output
• IC-R30 Communications Receiver (Handheld)
• ID-31PLUS UHF Digital D-STAR Transceiver (Handheld)

As we have mentioned, the IC-9700 is only a prototype version, and we will not be able to confirm final product features, cost and availability. More details will be provided when we have them.

To keep up to date with all Icom news, stay tuned to this website and social media channels or sign up to our Newsletter.

Icom UK Marketing:

Dateline 3/09/2017″Looks like Amatuer radio is alive in QLD” most week ends if you glance at the VK Logger you see the evidence. below shows a typical morning.


Dateline 2/09/2017″Icom IC7610″ Another upgrade from Icom, Seen at the Tokyo Ham Fest 2017.  See more Here:

Dateline 1/09/2017″Some New Goodies” KX3, bits

Product Description
KX3 Low-rider Radio Stand
This lovely stand has been designed for KX3 owners who don’t have the Elecraft paddle and want a lower stand. The stand makes your Elecraft KX3 the centre of attraction in your shack or in the field. It looks great and works well! It would make an idea gift for a loved one or friend. Note: this is not a customized product.

Uses the legs of the KX3 to hold it firmly in place on the desk-stand – will not slide off
Bottom edge of radio sits about 1.25 inches (3cm) from desk
Lay flat design allows easy storage and transport – just like your KX3
Laser cut out of black gloss perspex
Designed to allow full use of your KX3
Adjustable angle
Non-slip feet (not shown in photos)
Cut-outs front and rear allow cables to pass neatly under the desk-stand

Dateline 31/08/2017″Club to get new amps” According to a source close to the President, “The club is negotiating for new 2-6 metre amplifiers which produce 300-400 watts“, will wait till next club meeting in September for the results.

This is a simular amp on offer.

Dateline 29/08/2017″Towers are on” New towers are on the move,6 plus metres.

Dateline 24/08/2017″Only 3 players” It was a bit light on contestants, 23 on 23 was on last nite and very few operators were available, lets hope the following will front up next month.

Dateline 23/08/2017 “Big Wig on 10 Gig” Today VK4NE tested the club 10Ghz gear with the new GPS locked beacon at Edans Landing approximately 10kms south (Sponsored by Brisbane VHF Group) with great results . Direct from the Big Wig’s words we’re, ” this is fantastic 20 over S9

Dateline 22/08/2017″ No Eclipes of us “Australia won’t see a total solar eclipse until 2028.  IN what has been billed as the greatest event in the sky for more than 100 years large parts of the world will be completely in the dark in the middle of the day tomorrow. While this is the most significant eclipse to pass over America in a century — with some parts of Europe, South America and Africa also witnessing the event — Australia will be completely ripped off and won’t see a thing.

The total eclipse will start at 10am Monday (PDT), in Oregon, and finish in South Carolina at 2.47pm (EDT), 4.47am Tuesday (AEST). A total eclipse was last seen on the US mainland in 1979 but the moon hasn’t thrown this much shade at the US since 1918.
Monash University Associate Professor and Astronomer Michael Brown told a total eclipse happened when the moon completely blocked the sun by casting a shadow on to earth. A total solar eclipse can only be seen from some parts of the world.

Dateline 21/08/2017″Just in” It has been muted that some people have been laying down on the job, urged on by others. Our new trailer has had the total service and rebuild, roll on the next Field day

laying down on the job

Dateline 19/08/2017 “A Fine Body of Men” Well first of all; at first glance would you hire these Guy’s to do your job. If your answers NO. Then we as a Club have, as the Club trailer is well on its way for its maiden trail. Looks can deceive never judge a bloke by his cover, I guess.

Dateline 17/08/2017″WIA has another go”  Click here: Click here good luck take the new survey and help your Clubs funding.

Dateline 16/08/2017 “Update on Solar Shacks” Well its time to report on the latest Club Solar shacks contest,  Three(3) Club members in total VK4NE, CRO & MJF have confirmed they have converted in some way to solar. Ranging from totally powered shack ( radios, computers, lights and amplifiers etc.), too getting there shacks ( radio’s, lights etc.) Some have 24 volt and others 12 volt inverters having storage banks of 4-8 batteries, with 6- 20 panels of around 180 watts average per panel. QRM (interference man made) from some of the cheaper brand inverters, has been reported and a lot of voltage / ampere meters , overload switches and fuses have been purchased ; all to watch the sun. (Taking about the sun, HF has been suffering greatly as the sun reeks havoc on the bands.)  If you have been Solar converting your shack and for some reason forgot to report your progress, please contact us , so the contest can be widened.

Dateline 15/08/2017 “More 3.6Ghz Bites the dust”

The WIA has lodged a submission responding to the ACMA’s Options paper on the “Future approach to the 3.6 GHz band”.   Want to know more ?

Dateline 14/06/2017″New Digital Mode”The digital mode FT8 although still in Beta testing has caught on, luring many using the popular JT65 weak signal mode. The WSJT-X 1.8.0 beta software has the FT8 mode described as fast with an entire QSO taking about a minute, which is four times faster than JT65.

Developed by Steven K9AN and Joe K1JT – the name FT8 stands for its creators Franke and Taylor and 8-Frequency Shift Keying modulation. Using a 15-second transmit and receive sequences it provides 50 per cent or better decoding probability down to minus-20 dB. Like JT65 it requires accurate time synchronisation.

An auto-sequencing option can also respond automatically to a CQ call decoded reply. An excellent HF DXing mode and multi-hop sporadic-E propagation on 6 metres where deep fading may make fast and reliable QSO completion desirable. Some are comparing FT8 use to that of JT65, and believe more are on air trying the new one. Experimenters have a Facebook page available by clickingthe following Link

Dateline 08/08/2017″Don’t forget the meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month.

 Dateline 1/08/2017 “MJF off to see doc.” Back in July 2014 after been well beaten in a BVHF Group shoot out for 2.4Ghz, by Khune LNA’s. One of his projects was to build a 2.4Ghz LNA system for his then portable (deaf spanish) Transverter. The LNA chosen was from mini kits requiring 5volts, with the 2 relays requiring 24 volts and etc. as shown in the 1st picture. As the challage was not to let the smoke out of the LNA , fast forward to July 2017. He took it off to VK4AMG for some doctoren and the end result as shown in picture 2 below thanks to George. Off course its aptly named the Khune Killer and is expected to win the next shoot out which will be some time around October 2017.

Just needs a couple of small capacitors

Dateline 29/07/2017″Get in have your say” Get in and have your input in the kiting out of the Club trailer, VK4NE’s place, tea and coffee with light refreshments, see u there:

Dateline 25/07/2017 “Its arrived,shes a bueat”  We have our new Club vehicle and the rebuild starts.

Dateline 23/07/2017″Great Fun for all” We had a good time didn’t sell much for the Club, but we made some more radio buddies and ate to much food.

Dateline 21/07/2017″Another Hamfest” See u at the Caboolture Radio Club 22/07/2017. See link for info:

Dateline 15/07/2017″Another forgotten event” With borrowed gear, we set up @ the Brisbane VHF Group 10 GHZ SHOOT OUT, although forgetting the 10Ghz dish we were able to finish mid fleet. VK4KJJ offered the use of his dish to allow us to compete in the shoot out.

Dateline 13/07/2017 “Sh——z whats this” Its a bit small but we own it.  Clubhouse on wheels.

new club field day bus

Dateline 12/07/2017 “Beacons get receiver” The ultimate 3 beacon have released a small mod to convert the beacon to a transceiver , which probably makes this the lowest priced transceiver on the market. see more here:::

Dateline 11/07/2017″Its on again be there” Don’t miss this month’s meeting guest speakers, all the trappins. see you there.

Dateline 8/07/2017″WIA Directors Shakes up the place” It seems the new board at the WIA is getting to work and making some small be needed changes, with sub committee’s to report at the July meeting. Need to see more:

Dateline 23/06/2017″BIG WEEKEND”  Booked as one of the biggest week end on the June radio calendar 23-23 on Friday 23rd with the Winter Field day 24th-25th Saturday  and Sunday. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Dateline 21/06/2017″BIG WEEKEND”Booked as one of the biggest week end on the June radio calendar 23-23 on Friday 23rd with the Winter Field day 24th-25th Saturday  and Sunday. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Dateline 18/06/2017″Field Day Ads” Have a look here, Elecraft have had a go at selling product under the name of Field day. Worth a look, does outline a few good points on the past time. See here::

Dateline 12/06/2017 “Clubs Dying?” It was reported o the WIA news this week,that our club City of Brisbane Radio Society, was one of the last Brisbane based groups; still operating, thats according to one Geof Emery VK4ZPP.

Dateline 24/05/2017″23 on 23″ Good roll up VK4 CZ UH ALF EMS LHD/p KAY VDX ZL KX/p AMG MIL MJF ADM AND VK2MAX (all were heard by author ), others also making use of the vk logger for the event where VK2FLR MRX ZIW (Sydney siders) for some, great roll up; tell your mates, see u all next month

Dateline  23/05/2017 “Meeting wednesday 24th” Brisbane VHF Group, See you there

Dateline 10/05/2017 “Flying to the Moon” Well nearly, a small “Drone called Elfie”; iPhone 6 in size takes  selfies and all other pictures movies and stills, to help in the quest for that picture that wins hearts or the Walkley award. Elfie is drone that hovers still, lt uses your mobile phone as a controller to fly, take both pictures and movies. Very easy to fly, has a battery life of about ten(10) minutes. Useful in our amateur radio hobby,  it is a great tool for checking the tower and antennas for problems etc. Just fifty($50.00) dollars and a peace of mind, before you risk life and limb.

$50 bucks what a bargin

Dateline  9/05/2017″Being There” Tonites the nite for a meeting see u there at the college.

Dateline 29/04/2017 “MSHV” No its not the latest naval ship to grace the Australian navy, its the latest digital software for meter scatter,  too date it seems as if it out performs all the past FSK WSJT/65 formats. LZ2HV has developed this new format, with most computer formats accommodated. Give it a go used on all higher bands 6metres up, mostly on week ends with some activity during the week, usually liaised  with the VK Logger.

Anyway see u there and      here is a link to the download.

Dateline 28/04/2017 ” Trail Exams on Line”   Fore fill your dreams to be on Amatuer Radio Operator   see here  ::::

Good Day

“We have been working toward on line exams for some time and have come up with a trial exam system as a “proof of concept”.  At the moment two trail Standard theory exams have been created.  There will be a couple of Advanced theory exams put on line as soon as time allows.

The exams are located on the Assessor Information System web site  To get access, you must first register by going to the web site.

Click on the Amateur Radio tab.

Click on “For Amateur Radio Standard Theory Trial Exams”.

Click on “Request Access”.

Complete the form and and Click on “Submit”.

You will receive a confirmation email.

You will receive another email when you registration has been approved. This email will contain a user name and password to allow exam access.  When this email arrives go to the web site Amateur Radio tab and enter the user name and password to log on.

The exams request first name, email and BEMS id, this is for additional security and is not activated, but you do need to put something in these fields for the trial.

You will need the latest flash player to view the trial exams.

If you have any candidates coming up for a Standard Theory exam they are welcome to to request a login for access to a practice exams.

Thanks to VK3DAC/VK4FE

Dateline 23/4/2017 “POWER PLUS” Elecraft has done it. 

Our new KPA1500 solid-state amplifier won’t take over your entire desktop: it’s just 4.5 x 13.5 x 11.5” (HWD; 11.5 x 34 x 29 cm). The lightweight companion power supply can be placed on the floor or in any other convenient location.

The KPA1500 was designed with the serious operator in mind. Its no-nonsense front panel shows all important parameters at a glance, with a high-contrast 32-character LCD and fast, bright LED bar graphs. Band switching is instantaneous, via control inputs or RF sensing. Protection and monitoring circuitry is extensive and foolproof, letting you focus on the job at hand — breaking pileups and overcoming the most difficult operating conditions. And it wouldn’t be an Elecraft amp without robust PIN-diode T/R switching. Like our KPA500, the KPA1500 offers fast QSK without a noisy relay.

The amplifier’s rugged internal ATU can handle full power with load SWR up to 3:1, while a wider matching range is allowed at lower power, including up to 10:1 in standby mode.

When it’s time to make waves, you can rely on the compact, quiet, highly integrated Elecraft KPA1500.

Note: We will not be accepting orders for the KPA1500 until we receive final FCC certification.*
KPA1500 Features:


Very compact design

Fast, silent PIN diode T/R switching

Built-in Antenna Tuner with dual antenna jacks

Compatible with nearly any transceiver

160-6 meters

Introductory price: $5,995.

Dateline 22/04/2016 “Club Future on track” RedFEST was a success for the club confers, some people donated goods for sale and with our current stock of treasures we seemed to top last years sales. Thanks to all that helped and contributed.

Dateline 13/4/2017″ Italian wishes”  See below:

Giorgio (George)
SWL IV3-57306 in Italy

Dateline 10/4/2017″Management roled @ AGM” The club AGM has seen a retirement of the last years committee members and a roll up of a new team. more to follow: 

Dateline  10/04/2017 “Red what?” Red Fest the Redcliffe Amatuer Radio Club is running there next hamfest on the 22/04/2017 just after the Easter week break. Check here:  The Club has a table to raise funds etc. See U there.

LOOK        LOOK        LOOK     LOOK

Dateline 11/3/2017 “A Story to tell”   IC910 a Icom ledgend, a dual receive  transceiver suppling 100 watts vhf  /75 watts uhf with an optional 10 watts 1296 Mhz/shf . This radio lends itself to be an excellent field day and multi usage in the shack, very versatile has its up and down sides but all in all worth owning. Then all of a sudden it all goes out the window, low power on one band or another “ah sugar what to do”. Read all the info on the Internet, blogs user groups etc, with a result of the pockets seemingly  to be emptying with every sentence. Well maybe all is not so !.

Looks like this,no bells here

It all finishes, with a round trip to Wyong NSW 2017 (about 1800 klms) VK4AR, NE and  MJF talking the usual radio stuff, then the subject of the IC910 hit the stage. Following is one cure to the above problem:  Achieve 13.8 volts  seems to be the magic voltage and 22 or + amperes.  VK4MV (Alister) had also hinted to its small problem with power, many month previous.  So VK4NE, and MJF; set out on the task to prove the solution, first lets see, power the radio with tune 144.155 mhz ssb/FM add a dummy load (not MJF), result :13.8 volts/30 watts , next 14.5 volts/33 watts and if you keep adding to the voltage/watts increase, (the icom manual suggests 14-15 volts is ok?). First we changed the power lead with no fuses, :result 13.8 volts/24amps  Sh:: amazing (MJF nearly  fell off is chair), after steadying ourselves we change to another set of leads, this time with 2 fuses as supplied by Icom in the box as new : result 13.8volts/22 amps. Ok,now back to the original power cord, clean and squeeze fuse connectors, also the plug to the radio, result :13.8 volts/20 amps. We then removed 1 fuse cleaned the other with sand paper took away the power poles and added a direct link to the power supply,  :result 13.8volts/24 amps (MJF’s jaw dropped), @14.5 volts/26watts. Total gain on our metre with 13.8 volts: 80-90 watts SSB: 100 watts FM, total outlay a hour or so, some solder, and a lunch at the Beachmere Tavern.  All figures were taken as read, before our luncheon. Hope this helps others with this small problem.

remove 1 fuse 1.5 metres câble

Dateline 5/2/2016″Club gets new email”As of today our club has a new email address. Please note and it will be monitored. Club email

Dateline 4/2/2017 “Don’t be Shocked” We are updating our data base of our club members, so look forward to the new subs in the email. Please remit them to the nominated account. Thanks from your club executives

Dateline 29/2/2017  “Whats in a Crowd”   Or maybe it should read who’s in the crowd. We all took to the road last weekend for the annual pilgrimage to Wyong NSW(Field day)

some of he crowd

There were lots to be seen and seminars to visit, people to meet and lots of other interesting thing to do and see. We didn’t see you there, maybe next year ?

Dateline 22/2/2017″Wyong Field day” Here is the site to see whats on. Go and see. Click:   Take a look.      Maybe we’ll see you there.

Dateline 22/2/2017 “Its 23 on 23 ” will go to 2.4Ghz & up 23rd February 2017. See you there.

Dateline 20/02/2017″Club email address” After several months of issues with the club email address, being  ( Seems we have it running as per spects, send us a email to confirm your ok with it.

Dateline 20/2/2017 “When is it” Look up the next VHF-UHF Field day dates and times

here : Field day link.

All you need to know.

Dateline  23/1/2017 “WIA Board explains” Well we are back from the festive season and we’re sure there is lots to cover in coming 2017 season. In the first news at the start of 2017, is the WIA’s fact sheet site,  : click here : , to help clear up some issues that seem to dog the hobby administration.

Dateline 19/1/2017 :seems like a lively 2017 coming up”  Some WIA members have noted accusations and criticisms on social media and elsewhere, and asked that the WIA Board make detailed responses to these issues. The Board has decided to produce this series of Fact Sheets to address the various issues raised.

Dateline 8/1/2017″No Changes” The latest Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan – ARSP 2017 – was published on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) website on 3 January 2017. It was registered by the ACMA on 20 December 2016 and came into effect the next day, with a commencement date of 1 January 2017. Click here: the read more.

Dateline  1/1/2017 “Happy New Year” To all our supporters and members, we are looking forward to the next twelve exciting month with all club activities and events.  Best wishes form the Club Executive.

the mob

Dateline 28/12/2016 “You are supposed to have a copy” WIA has printed a new 2017 Call books now available. Contact Ron VK4CRO to assist making an order for the books, and a profit for our club.

see here:

Dateline 7/12/2016 “Whats in a battery” For weeks know a few club members have been working hard to leave the power grid, or part there of. Solar panels, solar regulators, inverters and of cause batteries. Some have reconfigured their hole house to imitate a modern caravan power system, (12 volt lighting and appliances,  LPG gas cooking and 240 volt inverted lighting and some white goods. Others are turning their Shack to run on either the 12/24 volts also inverted 240 volts, for lighting , computers low powered amplifiers etc. So far the success rate is 99.9 percent. img_0363

Dateline 4/12/2016 “Club bangers for Xmas” Thanks to all the members and friends how came and made  our club xmas party the success it was, thanks again and all the we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year. From the executive staff.img_0263

the mob

the mob


Dateline 2/12/2016 ” 4 directors rolled WIA” Please read below :Date : 01 / 12 / 2016 

Author : Jim Linton – VK3PC

Under clause 8.3 (b) of the Constitution of the Wireless Institute of Australia a call was made on Tuesday November 29 for a General Meeting of WIA members.

A letter received had four motions, calling for four Directors of the WIA to be “removed immediately as a director of the WIA.”
The four directors are:
– Phil Wait
– Fred Swainston
– Roger Harrison
– Robert Broomhead

The letter called for a General Meeting on the 9th of December. This date would be not possible; however, it does not make the call invalid.

The call document itself was short of the required 100 signatures, and about a quarter were incomplete. However, identical signed letters were found, including one received on Wednesday November 30, meaning that under clause 8.3 (b) of the Constitution, the call for a General Meeting became valid.

The WIA Board of Directors has begun the process of arranging for a General Meeting.
An estimated cost of at least $10,000 would be incurred by printing the notices, mail house enveloping, distributing them by Australia Post to all members, the venue charge and any other expenses.

WIA members can expect notification details by Australia Post, and anticipate the General Meeting is to be held in late January 2017.

– Jim Linton, WIA Secretary

Dateline 1/12/2016″ IKW Drama still goes on” Seems the WIA is still working with ACMA on the I kilowatt saga. See below ,

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is keeping alive its advocacy that Advanced Licensees be allowed to use up to 1kW power. The WIA Spectrum Strategy Committee has put to the ACMA the issue of high power beyond the present limit of 400 watts peak, in its “log of claims” after the now-infamous high power trial in 2013.

Many radio amateurs ask why is it that we just can’t have it, like in so many other countries – New Zealand, America, Canada, Japan and so on? Spectrum Strategy Committee spokesman Roger Harrison VK2ZRH says the central issue comes down to that of compliance with electromagnetic radiation standards in Australia. The ACMA uses the term “electromagnetic emissions” – abbreviated EME – but the acronym EMR (for electromagnetic radiation) is also widely used for the same thing. Australia is unique in the world when it comes to radiocommunications regulation, embodied in licence conditions, and compliance with electromagnetic radiation standards. Here, the two things are linked – but nowhere else in the world.

In Australia, our radiocommunications regulator – the ACMA – has the responsibility to ensure compliance, and every licensee (not just radio amateurs) is required to comply. The ACMA has a responsibility to the public, to ensure that electromagnetic emissions from all radio transmitting systems do not present a harmful situation. In fulfilling that responsibility, the ACMA needs to know where possibly harmful transmitter systems are located and that such locations are recorded on a licence. With that understanding, the Spectrum Strategy Committee is working with the ACMA to develop suitable procedures under which radio amateurs interested in running high power can make an application that meets the ACMA’s technical and regulatory requirements.

Dateline 21/11/2016 “Hows goin solar ?” The usual suspects are at it again, this time its solarising their shacks to start with. Well after a visit to KSY, AMG to mention a few we have decided to go for it suggested MJF.  CRO and NE will be working to go that way too. MJF has turned his new shack and house to mimmic a caravan, with solar to batteries, LPG gas system for cooking and a twelve volt lighting system of LEDS, too inverted power to special power points and 240 volt LED lights as well. The idea is to get off the grid were possible, sell the power back,  for those with to the grid systems and save the pocket, not the planet (if this does well great !).

Dateline 23/10/2016 “Who said daylight saving is a waste of time” Some would say it fades the curtains , cows and chooks body clocks are out, the produce suffers and the economy slides backwards. Ask a Hams and their answer is its Tropo time !  Already the skies are full of ducting to ride north to south , east to west. So don’t delay the urge to jump in.

Dateline 10/10/2016 “Here’s a new Slant” Have a read here:  Maybe your radio etc is listed here? or not.

Dateline 25/09/2016 “Standards to go magic band” In January 2017 we should see the below ago:  Lots for Foundation and Advanced  as well.

Review of the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan

Date : 24 / 09 / 2016
“Roger Harrison – VK2ZRH”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has opened consultation on its proposed update of the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan. The ACMA announced it on its website on 22 September 2016.

The Authority has issued a discussion paper and related documents, referring directly to possible changes, and invites submissions before 24 October 2016. The Spectrum Plan includes a table of frequency allocations from 8.3 kHz through to 420 terahertz (THz) that divides up the spectrum to show the general purpose of each band, to which services they are allocated, and associated footnotes relevant to particular allocations. It was last reviewed in 2013.

The Spectrum Plan reflects Australia’s treaty obligations following the International Telecommunications Union’s World Radiocommunications Conference in late 2015. The ACMA acknowledges that Australia was a signatory to the decisions of that ITU conference, was working with those affected domestically, but due to various factors, all foreshadowed changes may not occur by the end of 2016.

Also expected to be reflected in the remake is the  Federal Government’s proposed new legislation that removes prescriptive process to replace these with a simpler, more flexible licensing system.

The updated Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan is expected to begin on 1 January 2017. Once the Spectrum Plan is amended subordinate legislation, such as licence conditions, will also be amended subsequently, as necessary. Any individual or group with an interest in radiofrequency spectrum allocations and use can make a submission.

As the peak representative body for the Australian radio amateur community, the WIA is preparing a submission. See the ACMA’s announcement on its website, via this Link

Dateline 20/09/2016 “How deaf are icom owners” I (VK4MJF) have had the pleasure of speaking to some of the new IC7300 owners, and you might say the comment made by all is the fact that they hear more !!!!!! . Well I then asked the brand it replaced, too my amazement the answer was in all cases Icom something. Hello how long has the K3 or the KX3 been on the shelf to buy ?????. The other odd thing  that seemed to happen, was their normal heard voice had changed. (I’m sure its not my new location) 

Anyway lets know your verdict and sent me a story.

Dateline 10/09/2016 “Wombye a queit hamfest” We arrived just after 7.00 am set up the table and did the first walk around for goodies and looked for bargins etc.img_1886 img_1882 img_1883

Dateline 6/09/2016 “Seems the boss is active” VK4NE has reported a chest pounding result on WSPR HF. For those not formulaic with the mode its 200 ml watts to the USA.

2016-09-04 08:00 VK4NE 10.140201 -23 0 QG62nj +23 0.200 K4COD EM73sc 14524 9025

2016-09-04 21:20 VK4NE 10.140206 -24 -1 QG62nj +23 0.200 EA8BVP IL28fd 18900 11744

If and when you make contact with mick , just mention it. Make fell happy.

Dateline 24/08/2016″See shack updates”        Or click on menu.

Dateline 22/08/2016″Winter FD” Below is a list of the results of the  38 call signs used in the winter field day 2016, hope this is a help.


Dateline 16/08/2016 “The CRO crows” Some who in the annals of June 2016 suggested; Ron VK4CRO has been blessed with EME contact, see below:


Great Ronnie Grid square KO29IF ( Vincenty Distance: 14564.861 km)

Dateline 15/08/2016 “Public callsign list restored”

Prospective radio amateurs and those looking at their callsign choices are now able to do that online at the “Public List Of Available Callsigns” on the WIA website.

This follows the resolution of further teething problems with the ACMA’s new SPECTRA system.

Dateline 14/08/2016″Results are in” Re 2016 Winter Field Day Results are finally in.

See here:

A suitable logging program is VK Contest Log, developed by Mike VK3AVV. It is available for download on the author’s web site by clicking on this:

Dateline 12/08/2016 “RD is on”  Amateur Radio “Remembrance Day Contest”

The Amateur Radio “Remembrance Day Contest” for 2016. Contest is on 13th & 14th August 2016 0300z to 0300z

This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died during World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and help improve the operating skills of participants. It is held on the weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on which hostilities ceased in the southwest Pacific area.

It is preceded by a short opening address by a Guest Speaker transmitted on various WIA frequencies during the few minutes prior to the contest. During this ceremony, a roll call of amateurs who paid the supreme sacrifice during WWII is read.

for more info see here:

Dateline 29/07/2016″VK2ZCV ILL” One of the clubs 2 metre buddies has suffered a life threating illness. As reported by Gordon VK2GFC.

“Hello guys,
Just to let those that know Bill Sinclair VK2ZCV, that he has suffered a stroke and will be going into care after he gets out of hospital.
He is no longer able to be at home.
Bill’s QTH is Port Macquarie.”

Dateline 26/07/2016 “Anybody Going”

JARL Ham Fair 2016 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Tokyo
on August 20th (Saturday) and 21st (Sunday).
Last year, they had about 36,000 participants for two days.

SP Station 8J1HAM will be on all bands.
At 0400-0435z (1300 JSST) on Saturday 20th it will come up on 21.205 for the ANZA net list taken days prior.

 NEWS / Club Meetings. MtGravatt TAFE 7-00pm 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 2 metre net every Tuesday 7.00pm with ZOOM.
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