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                 Brian’s Story…VK4VAZ

   Brian has been on radio since 1973 his first radio was an Intec 35 watt 200 channel, which was bought into Australia in the 70s and was used on 27 MHz(CB) all those years ago. He has had  an Amateur licence since 2008, along with many other bands of radio’s over the years, he current 40Mis a 440S Kenwood. Brian is 70 years young, retired of course.. Has no internet or  mobile phone so loves his radio for contacts over the years all over the world, as well as our Net.

Indy Rosser Story – VK2XB 

Ummmmm lemme see.

First started driving trucks in the military. Started driving them on long distance in the “real world” in about 1979.

I was first licensed as an Amateur about 1980. I can’t find my original certificate of proficiency, but my first call was VK2PUP. A few years later (right after Novices were granted 2 Metre and 70 CMS privileges as I did my “upgrade study” ALL “on air” with a group of extremely patient Limited operators who answered my stupid questions on various repeaters up and down the coast. At this time I earned a “Combined” call of VK2JED. Within 6 months of that, I attained the higher CW qualification resulting in the callsign of VK2WAG.
Once I gained that call, I would check in on the Coral Coast Net periodically, although, due to all sorts of reasons (such as I was using a Terlin multi tap at the time and wasn’t always able to find a safe place to pull over to make antenna adjustments) I’ve been an intermittent checker inerer. My best guess is I first checked in back in the late 80’s to early 90’s which was when I first got my “full” call. I was the very first holder of my first 3 callsigns, so it may be possible to track down dates, but I’ve never worried about anniversaries and such.

My Radios.

In truck:-

UHF CB supplied by the company. There are 2 of these, both some flash model of  Electrophone. They are used only for work, so I barely pay them any attention FT 8800 R dual band FM ONLY with Diamond antenna Anytone 678 (I think) DMR radio with on board “hotspot” coupled to a second Diamond antenna. I’m not in love with the behaviour of many DMR Hams so I basically only use it to generate APRS activity.
A 27 MHz CB by President….namely a McKinley and a Mobile One antenna on an air horn bracket!!!!
FT891 for 80 Metres and all bands (including WARC) to 6 Metres. The antenna I use for this is a Codan 9350 “auto tuning” antenna with a little 1 button push interface that looks after resonating the antenna….and it works extremely well.

At Home.
President Washington P400 for 27 MHz and just a 1/4 wave whip on the tin roof.
FT 8900 R for quad band FM (10, 6, 2 Metres and 70 CMS) on local repeaters  with a quad band vertical.
FTDX101MP for all mode, all HF bands. I use an off centre fed dipole for about half my HF bands above 80 Metres as well as a Delta Loop for all bands (including WARC) from 40 Metres and above. This antenna is relatively new but I think I really like it.
President Lincoln 11+ for 10/12 Metres and another vertical.
Latest addition is an Icom IC 9700. This radio is 2 through 23 Centimetres, multimode. This is wayyyyyy overkill for my VHF/UHF activity, but I figured I would buy it as a retirement radio whilst I am still working and can afford it. I’m sure I’ll put it to more use in the future. 

Thank you. Is that good enough, Eilene? I really don’t have a clue as I rarely brag on my gear, or, for that matter, my hobby involvement.

Eilene VK2FIVE reporting..

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