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His first the late 70’s shack CB and Swling were the go then.


Well this one below, Wakerley Qld, has been dismantled and has no home.

IMG_1290 IMG_0709












Mobile (VK4MJF/P) shack in Texas(Qld) HF/2 metres.

2 metre set up slight angle of tack off for scatter conditions








Ok next started March 2016 in QG62NW,  all is done (March 2017), the build has been completed and its the task of setting all the gear up finished (Sept 2017).

All up and running, Grid 240v/240v inverted with 12 volt battery banks, 3 way powered led’s and power points.

Antenna farm is also erected.


only need 2 Leds

only need 2 Leds

Leds are in

Leds are in

4 X 5780 luemens running

4 X 5780 luemens running


KX3 is in still lots to go

Fit out

Fit out



















March 2021 Covert 19 and 2020, has been time spent at home. So it was time to reset the shack.

Still not finished but you would get the idea

Its finally finished ????, a sea level station capable of 160m to 5.8GHz all mode including digital and ATV. He needs to upgrade his current license to run further bands, stay tuned.

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