10 MHz Reference by VK4AMG.

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As seen at the Gold Coast Ham Feast 2022. (We will have a stand in the next hamfest.( Redcliffe Radio Club.)) Also like to advise we have some new and helpful additions to the original concept, keep looking for these exciting developments.

10 MHz reference GPS Disciplined versions now available. See Here for 2022/2023.

10 MHz Reference Controlled oscillator .



GPS Disciplined.


GPS reference running the internal ident of IC9700 with a PTT Extender.

To identify See Here: $$

Direct Deposit: BSB: 06 4159A/c#: 00904288 ACC Name CBRS. freight cost will need to be added. Please advise us after your purchase.@ Email with a receipt and your delivery details. Thank you for your order and assistance.

Email us here : [email protected]

Why this unit is a cut above others. See Here.

We have some comparisons . See Here.

10MHz reference, oven controlled, See Here.

Buy direct from George VK4AMG / or place an order Then email us with delivery delails after your direct deposit, or use PayPal.

Please be advised that all funds raised in all our promotions go directly to the running of our Club.

 NEWS Club:Meetings. MtGravatt TAFE 7-00pm  2nd Tuesday of Month, Next Meeting will be 13thJune 2023 7.00pm. 2, 6 70cm repeaters ONAIR Every Tuesday 7.00pm with ZOOM.
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