Coral Coast Net 7.093MHz.

October 4, 2020 | by jmorris |

Hi all, 2021 heralds the 54th Birthday of Coral Coast Net Group. We have a few old active operators with fond memories of Les Bells VK4LZ (SK) mammoth efforts to start this radical format Radio Net.

Coral Coast Net has been around for 50+ Years and its not slowing down. It first went to air with the idea of having an east coast Ham Radio Net. With this in mind, Les Bell VK4LZ (SK) on 28th September 1967 started this very popular morning net. ( Every morning on 7.060MHz ) Click here> Now 7.093MHz .

Starting around 6.00am EST with the Early Bird Net, for those who have work or other commitments, followed by 7.00am EST the main Morning Net, maybe early depending on the seasonal calendar/Daylite saving time(VK4’s are still having trouble with cows and the fading curtains).

We had to change to other position on the 40 metre band, in more recent times, due to the digital spectrum and other issues, finally settling on 7.093MHz.

Today’s Operator’s are from Northern Queensland, with net co ordination (relay stations) from Brisbane and NSW. (or southern help from VK3 , VK5 and yes VK7).

Todays Net controller is VK4HDZ ( AL )Alpha Lima)). AL took it on as a foundation call using 10 watts(now 100watts with a Standard upgrade), and with the help of many other foundation calls, as well as others have been very successful in maintaining the 7 days a week popular Net.

VK4HDZ AL with Marie

Al has suffered a setback of recent times and the duties have fallen on several other helpers with VK4KET/VK2FIVE at the helm,(we are all hoping Al has a quick recovery and is back on duty).

In 2009 a Rouges list was compiled by VK4KET Doug. This list gave a face to a call sign known as the” Rogues Gallery“, with a more updated version to be posted on its completion in 2021/2022.

Please be patient with us all as the current sunspot activity, with Al’s help we have seen recently, VK2-FIVE, AKA(SK), QM, HGM- VK4-KET, KO, FIBK, AAU(SK) and the list goes on, to name a few.

Many of todays technologies(SDR on the computer sites)has helped to assist as well, as devoted time and effort to act as NET relays.

Also it is advised that 2021/2022 Rouges Gallery needs to be published with the request from VK4KET for photo’s please send to Dougs email address().

Here is a site which might explain our poor reception conditions.


This could be you see u on 7.093 MHz

 NEWS Club Meetings. MtGravatt TAFE 7-00pm  2nd Tuesday of the Month,Meeting July 12th 2022. 2, 6 70cm repeaters are out storm.EverTuesday 7.00pm with ZOOM.
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