Contest Dates 2018-2019

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Contest Dates VHF/UHF.
   Coming Field Days VHF-UHF Field Day 2017 -Saturday  and Sunday. (dates to be  confirmed need helpers required,  location  @ a mountain to be advised, under the new Marquee etc.”)


One of the veiws east new site

One of the veiws east, @ new site


Contests HF some areas used.




Latest HF Contest dates here:

more info here :

VHF/UHF Field Days


As per normal, we will be looking for club members and interested prospective operators to confirm for dates interested in.




70cm (438.275) echo link node 284341

2M (147.950) with 91.5 tone

70cm (438.275) with 91.5 tone

6m (53.975)

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