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We are very sorry as at February 2019 the WIA has lost its deed to hold examinations, so we suggest you visit the WIA or ACMA web site for further advise on attaining a Amateur Radio Licence. It has been announced that the AMC of Tasmania has the deed for any new Examinations and it is suggested your contact them.

As at 1/1/2023 the ACMA has released a new paper on the operations of equipment and licensing,See Here. 

This article explains the WIA involvement in the ACMA request for all suggested changes.

As at the 3/02/2021 the ACMA has released a new paper on the operations of equipment and licensing, See here 

As at 1/08/2020 the AMCA has changed some of the LCD revisions. All F calls will be able to work on their own gear and construct needed Projects.

Also the current Call sign has been upgraded for all grades, with the F our four letter calls to be revised. See here for there structure.

 Dateline 10/07/2019  “ACMA to update LCD ” The ACMA has advised the current LCD or license regulations are to be updated after August 9th 2019. Click Here:

Dateline 21/10/2017 “LCD is to happen”  WIA has suggested that the New LCD will be set to run early 2018.

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Date 28/04/2017 “New Trial Exam Site”. see here::

Dateline 20/07/2016″All fixed” ACMA has been updated and rearing to go.

Dateline 20/05/2016 “Exams on hold”

The WIA Exam Service has been told by the ACMA that all processing of licence matters will stop for two weeks, while work is carried out on its new SPECTRA computerised processing system. The ACMA said that the project to implement SPECTRA is now in its final phase, as it transitions broadcast licensing from the old RADCOM system.

The shutdown will involve all licencing from 12pm, 20 May to 31 May. During the shutdown the ACMA will upgrade the facility including new features as it migrates licence records into SPECTRA.

Re-examination of qualified operators
The ACMA may re-examine a qualified operator if, at any time, it has reasonable grounds for believing that person will probably be unable to achieve satisfactory results in an applicable examination. The ACMA may give to the operator a written request that the operator submit himself or herself to an examination, or a further examination.

The request must set out:  

  1. particulars of the examination in question; and
    2.the time and place of the examination in question; and
    3.whether the operator has refused or failed, without reasonable excuse, to comply with a request under the relevant section of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act).
    The examination or further examination referred to above will be conducted by the ACMA.

Recognition for prior learning (RPL)
Under certain circumstances, the WIA may grant exemption(s) from one or more subjects in an amateur operator examination if a person holds equivalent, or higher, qualifications covering the appropriate portion of the relevant amateur syllabus. RPL is dependant upon a number of factors, including the type of qualification and the time it was conferred. The WIA will not issue a Certificate of Proficiency on the basis of RPL, unless the candidate has passed at least one part of an approved examination, and ordinarily two parts, namely the practical assessment and the regulations qualification.

Examination candidates should contact the WIA for more information on RPL.

Cancellation of certificates
Under subsection 124(1) of the Act, ACMA may, by written notice given to a qualified operator, cancel an amateur operator’s Certificate of Proficiency. The notice must include the reason for the cancellation. Subsection 124(3) of the Act specifies the matters to which the ACMA must have regard in deciding to cancel a certificate.

Cancellations of Amateur Certificates of Proficiency are reviewable under Part 5.6 of the Act.

Resolving reception issues from amateur & CB radio

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