Dateline 12/06/2016 “Did you know”

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A few beacons to look for. VK5RLZ has beacons on 1296.452MHz, 2304.452MHz, 3398.452MHz, 5760.452MHz and 10368.452MHz.
These are all located at the water tower on Kettering Road, Elizabeth South – PF95HG71VU .
You’d have a good path from Black Road near the intersection with Main South Road – you should hear all of them from there.
There are also the VK5VF beacons on 50.320MHz, 144.450MHz and 432.450MHz at Crafers.
I can’t confirm that the 6m beacon is running but I’ve no reason to think it isn’t. Why is this of interest, well if your into FSK441 then its obvious .

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