Dateline 26/05/2016″New M2″

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Greetings From M2
Spring is in full swing and it is antenna season. 6M sporadic E activity is picking up. Now is a good time to check out your 6M system before the peak in June.

The ARRL June VHF contest is in a couple of weeks. Make sure your station is in top shape or add a new band to increase your score.

The current solar cycle is winding down unfortunately. This means the high bands are going to require more than just a dipole or small yagi for the best chance at making contacts. We have 5-7 element, long boom yagis for the high bands to help you take advantage of the brief and weak openings anticipated at the bottom of the cycle.

With fewer bands open, activity is going to be more focused and packed on the low bands. Good low band antennas are an investment that will pay off even as the next cycle peaks.


Check out our new 20/40 dual band yagi. I hear rumors of other low band antennas on the design table also.

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