Dateline 18/3/2016 “Some one needs help”

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After some stories about CCARG Wyong FD and reading some of the comments on the logger, like. “No Traders to see and browse new gear or buy it“, (some excuse about VK3 show on couldn’t do both). Lots of used stuff in the car park, probably still there. Some one commented (maybe a management member) on the cost of running such a show, but had no reason for the poor showing of anything relevant to the Hobby. Also a comment on the age of people coming to the show, well if you advertise they will come, (see WIA, there is a lost cause). It may have been a power house back then, but it has lost its way now, (ACMA has seen the light). It seems that the people are going to VK3 in droves and the ages are 15-50 years (?), so it seems some one is trying hard to get younger members. Any way this is the report gleamed by the site from the comments made by others.

VK4 has 3-4 shows in the immediate area.  2-3 in the north and west, 1 on the south coast. With an average age about 55 with people coming from northern NSW. It could be said that most of the doable shows are either visited or have a stand at these shows, selling the club wears for $$$$$. Not one trader from the southern states seems to take time to visit these shows, Manufacturers it seems are not interested in investing in sales to this hobby, we don’t need to see or buy new product. Of ( Icom Yaesu etc ). Maybe the hobby is dying as suggest by some. Leave it to you.

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