Dateline 20/08/2015 “Forward Thinking”August 23 on 23″

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“A Queensland & NTH NSW Field day excuse”

The August 23-on-23 will fall on a Sunday. That means it’s time we start planning a 23-on-23+Plus! :crazy:

It means that if we hold true to the original intentions for the 23-on-23, being a weekend those who are keen to further explore a new paths potential can make the effort and head for the hills and work others (and the home stations too). It also means that we can also take the time to activate a other uWave bands on the day too. :om3: :om2:

After the last 23-on-23+Plus I received some negative feedback due to the ‘band swapping’ etc. So before we embark on this one we’ll seek opinions on how we optimise the time and maximise the effort and fun. This will probably require us to consider a more structured approach to the day with band slots etc used to to coordinate activation and also ensure that on each band we achieve maximum activation!

If we can aim for a start time of (say) 10AM, we should be able to structure activity on 23cm through to 3cm and beyond and wrap up by mid afternoon to pack-up and start the drive home.

With ‘just’ seven (7) weeks to go, start considering your plans, booking in radio time with family and planning potential portable site

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