Dateline 14/06/2016 “Logger to lose repeater list”

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Having a quick look at the list on VK Logger and you will see that the list has not been update by anybody for some years!!!!   Some members have asked a question about the use of our repeaters. Has anyone missed our six metre ?.

Do you care?

It’s not that hard to key up a repeater and check that it’s operational then make a quick update in the repeater database. In fact all you have to do is click the “submit update” button – no need to type anything unless you have new information to add. Some use the repeaters as an early indication of some enhanced conditions – that’s why you see repeater spots occasionally. I’m pretty sure details of the repeaters are pulled from the database when you make a spot.
A quick check show somes states pay more attention to the database than others – I hear there is a great repeater network in VK2 and VK6 but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the vklogger database.

So, Adam has hinted at a change and he always follows through. No point whining about “There goes Adam again”, the database will go at some stage and we’ll hear Adam talking of old farts and apathy once more.

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