10 Mhz reference

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All the active members have been working on a number of 10 mhz references (boards and components by VK4ADC


tcxo sml 2a P1070201 P1070200






As reported back in early May 2014, Thanks to VK4CRO for the starting interest VK4 NE and MJF for the effort they all put in to the project. VK4NE has finished the last club 10 mhz reference off . So far the ones in operation are VK4 NE MJF all just sitting on their benches with there little red light on saying nothing but apparently keep the frequency true. Of course it only takes one other Ham to say the magic words “are u on frequency” and the whole thing falls apart. Its a hobby and it s all fun ! Also the club 10mhz reference also is ready for the next field day.

 NEWS Club:Meetings. MtGravatt TAFE 7-00pm  2nd Tuesday of Month, Next Meeting will be May 14th  2024. 2, 6 ON air70cm repeaters OffAIR Every Tuesday 7.00pm with ZOOM.
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