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“Eilene reports on her raise to fame and ads this brief note to the site.

 My story Eilene VK2FIVE. On the 23/3/2015 a friend of mine, Drew VK2FROX and I were talking on 27MHz. Drew mentioned a net on 40mtrs which was the  Coral Coast Net, as I just acquired my Fcall he told me to put a call out. He was sure I would be very welcome, and that I would become part of the furniture and guess what, I have. 

Albert Downs VK4FALL was the net controller at this time, along with Doug VK4KET. So roughly one month later I joined the C.C. Net and have been there ever since . I believe Albert Downs now VK4HDZ started running the Coral Coast Net in 2012 till 2021.

Eventually in 24/04/2015  becoming a relay station for Albert VK4HDZ until Albert had to stop running the net, until around 2/8/2021, due to bad health issues. So being around only seven years many stations have come and gone.

My first log day 24/4/2015. Reads as follows, stations were on that day, Albert VK4FALL( VK4HDZ), Doug VK4KET,Bernie VK4BTF [Silent key), Bill VK4FWIM, John VK2FJPR, Peter VK4HTP [ Silent key], Kerry VK4KDB, Ray VK3NBL, Don VK4AFE(VK4KO), Geoff VK4GI, Dave VK4ICE, Bob VK4AAU  [Silent key}, Gary VK4MDZ( VK4APP), Barry VK4JI, Mike VK4MY, Doug VK4AMC, Greg VK4FVAB, Gary VK4FDB, Ian, VK4FIBK, Dave VK4BDR(VK2RP)

So that was my first day on the Coral Coast Net still running on 7060…….Eilene VK2FIVE (Coral Coast Net 7.093)”

A little history about Al (VK4HDZ) and challenges in keeping Our net running are listed below:

10/4/2018. Japan radio contesting 7060 which was already being used by the Coral Coast Net so the net moved to 7090. Albert VK4HDZ went clear.

11/4/2018. Japan radio on again today apparently here till 17th April 2018..So moving up 7090 again.

18/4/2018. The net moved back to 7060

29/4/2018. The net moved again 7090 Albert VK4HDZ was told to get off by an overseas station   …..YJOG…..

22/7/2018.  So after a few bad months back and forth Albert (VK4HDZ) decided to move the net to 7093, rather than put up with noise, radar and abuse from stations .

Also complaints being written by stations ,about the net not moving for contesting stations, Albert (VK4HDZ) decided to beat them by starting the Early Bird net at 5am, to keep the frequency open for the Coral Coast Net to start at 7am. He continued with the net on and off over the years, in between visits down to Brisbane Hospital with his wife Marie who has a long running illness. Al (VK4HDZ) as he was known on the C.C.Net has now retired  and was a great net controller and is missed  every day…Always “happy go lucky” every day over the years….One little snippet of information was he had the fore site to use more outside help from willing relay stations, which has lead to a seamless transition with his inability to continue, which was not seen in the past.

I will gather more info as I have also in my books ….Cheers for now Eilene.

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