Whats a Shack?

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Shack ? Its a place to spent lots of time planning and dreaming how to move forward, allot as much cash that the budget will allow. Meet and greet fellow radio enthusiasts, to either get help or assist one with advise. Some of us have one radio an antenna or two, and work the world, nation or backyard. Others have lots of them and do the same thing. Some have lots of power, others not so much. Others building the thing which is required whether its an amplifier, pre amp, transceiver, dipole or a beam. This thing the shack; could be a small alcove somewhere in the house, a large room or shed out in the backyard. Whats a Shack? well tell us about yours and give us a pic or two.

Something seen in most shacks.

 NEWS"See U @Caboolture Hamfeast"Club:Meetings. MtGravatt TAFE 7-00pm  2nd Tuesday of Month, Next Meeting 13th Aug 2024 Every Tuesday 7.00pm with ZOOM.
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