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Vk4ksy has construction and fit out on is shack


G’day boys

Have enclosed a photo of the operation bench and the shelve above. Good old dump shop 2.4 mts MDF $5, Bunnings $4.60 for bench legs and four legs off an old table and operating area.

Just need to move radio’s in and add new coax extension.

Still no tower, 8 elm at 4 mts.

Radio room is 6×6 mts less XYL painting section. Nice tiled floor.

I hope you don’t think its an over kill for the bush. LOL

Recent upgrades to the shack, has prompted comments like this ” Go the vertical antennas up ready for Summer. Working ok Gympie and Bundy full scale.”

Six metre next.

Looks like the locals like his new array


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