Dateline 13/08/2015″1.2 & 2.4 Ghz”

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seem to be alive and well in VK4, so well that  over the pond groups of ZL’s are talking; building beacons, beams and interest to take part. Great to see, VK Logger seems to stimulate the hobby in the interested and enquiring minds, great too see. Hers a quote:

Hi Guys,
Just to let you know that there are currently a number of 23cm stations on the air down in ZL3-4.
Zl4IV 200+w and good ant at about 300′ ASL
ZL4OL getting 150w amp on the air and has 45 element loop
ZL3NW, Ive got an amp for him something around 150W also a loop beam way up high.
And myself
ZL3RC currently building up 4 x 55 element loop beams and have 4 x XRF286 amps going just need to box them up. Mainly looking at EME long term but would love to work 23cm across the pond.

All we need over this side of the island is a good big E’s cloud over the Tasman and we maybe in business, any sort of ducting propagation isn’t going to work with the Southern Alps in the way 😥

Looking forward to a better session than the one just passed if Im not wrong we only had one very short opening where Geoff ZL3PX worked a VK2 on 2m.

Still haven’t heard your 23cm beacon over there, but listen a lot, one day. (Brisbane VHF Group has upgraded the 23cm beacon just recently).


Roger ZL3RC

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