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Dateline 30/06/2016″VLF section”

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The annual transmission on ‘Alexanderson Day’ with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz with the call SAQ will take place Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 at 09:00 UTC (tuning up from after 08:30 UTC) and will be repeated at 12:00 UTC (tuning up from after 11:30 UTC).

Amateur Radio Station with the call ‘SK6SAQ’ will be QRV on the following frequencies:
– 7.035 kHz CW or
– 14.035 kHz CW or
– 21.035 kHz CW or
– 3.755 kHz SSB

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Dateline 29/06/2016″An interesting observation”

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23 cm antennes.

First of all the loop yogi was a NTMS design found here
It was built as closely as the normal yagi and it looked good on the VNA so all I can assume is that it was going as best it could.
We know what the new yagi was but just to refresh its this one of these

So the final results are:
Gain difference 60 element to Loop = 5.8db
Front to back = 31db
Gain over dipole = 21db figure quoted on web site is 21.67dbi (my measurement was made between a dipole at the same height and about 1m offset horizontally)
First nulls off of centre lobe are at 14deg both sides and thats pretty much what the poler plot is showing on the web site.

Im very happy with its performance and it has shown me that what I believed was not the case and that was building a yagi at 23cm was a tall order and fraught with problems.
If you want any more information Im only to happy to post what materials I used and may be in a position to supply the hard to get components, mainly the element mounting blocks.

Roger ZL3RC

This is just my experience passed on for the encouragement of 23 cm activity.

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Dateline 23/06/2016 “Tower rules”

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  Queensland Building Regulations 2006, Schedule 1, Section 21, para 2 


(2) The building work is prescribed if the device is no more than—

  1. (a)  if the device is attached to a building or structure—3.5m above the building or structure; or
  2. (b)  if the device is detached from any building or structure—10m above the device’s natural ground surface.

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Dateline 18/06/2016 “23 0n 23 “

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Is this the fastest growing side of our hobby? See u there.

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Dateline 17/06/2016 “Where did the money go”

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Have a read of the WIA jaunt to  Norfolk Island, pathetic. click here:

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